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  1. What does it take to be a good person?

    General Psychology
    Recently I had a conversation with my friend about, "what it means to be a good person?" And we had two totally different points of view. While she believed that being a truly good person was nothing more than an impossible measure that the human race has created as a goal or a hope that we can...
  2. [Enneagram Type 5] Which is the artist that best represents the mental universe of the Enneatype 5?

    Type 5 Forum - The Investigator
    In addition... Can you explain why you have considered the mentioned artist? It would be great if you also specify the wing that is best represented by your artist Note: the chosen artist can be a painter, musician, filmmaker, writer ... etc
  3. [INFP] The need for connection

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    It is so hard to find a deep connection to another person. Yet I feel that is part of who we are as humanity. It is why we sing in choirs or play in a band, making music together as many becoming one voice and existing in balance and harmony. It is how the sum of the parts become greater than...
  4. [ENTP] The Infinite Probability of Things That Could Go Wrong

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Are you always thinking about things that could go wrong, things that are wrong, or any such thing thereof? I am. Is there always going to be something wrong, and is that what we are/would be like in our relationships with other NTs? And I know we will think about everything about it until our...
  5. [INFJ] How to know if you're meditating right

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hello dear community. =) I am meditating since 18 days now, I want to grow it to a habit. I am doing the "Do nothing meditation" by Shinzen Young. So when I am meditating the first 3-5 minutes I am aware of my thoughts and the next 10- 12 minutes it's like I am not conscious, I really don't...
  6. How to Care for an Unhealthy Mind?

    NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers
    My friend has just shown all signs of someone who is unhealthy. The sudden switch from becoming this passive narcissistic, manipulative person who's (sub)consciously feeding themselves mentally and physically. How am I able to play a role in caring for them? I know it's near impossible and...
  7. [INFP] Subconscious Nostalgia?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    A few days ago I was walking in the streets of Central London with a mate at around 2am. This was unplanned and was to get myself home. For a moment I felt this overwhelm nostalgic emotions that couldn't be defined but were like a bundle of captured experiences. It was like I'd done this before...
  8. [INFP] Weird, high-ish, self aware thoughts you've had?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Anyone welcome. I have a lot of those, but I forget most of them. Here's a shower thought: I looked in the mirror and puffed out my ribcage. Then I imagined- what if my rib cage started growing and burst through my skin and kept sticking out farther. It was pretty weird, and kinda uncomfortable...
  9. INFJ / INFP here, and I hate people.

    :P lol thank you for coming in ! Well.. I see in many forums negative threads got more attention than the good ones, am I wrong ? Got my MBTI test last time was INFP, guess my personality change between INFJ and INFP from time to time because earlier when I know MBTI it was INFJ, and I must...
  10. INFJ / INFP here, and I hate people.

    delete thread, double post :| slow internet
  11. How do you feel when no one understands you?

    General Psychology
    Hey, I'm new to PerC. I'm an INFJ. Sometimes I feel like no one understands me. I believe that everyone sometimes feels like this. Personally I feel so bad about it. I kind of can't control myself in this kind of situation. I feel like I need to vent my angers somewhere. Anywhere does. Although...
  12. [ENFP] Loveless!

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Stone faces, with shifting hearts. Voices weighted with bitter remarks. reaching fingers, and Dreams of sand. Drifting away into ruined lands. searching eyes, darkened minds. Looking for the perfect sign. Hearts become as marble floors, and souls closed up, tighter then locked doors...
  13. [INFP] Sort of ran out of my optimist juice, advice for an INFP ?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    So I've struggled since i was young, (about 12) (i'm now almost 17) with negative thinking and over thinking, and being really sensitive to stuff. Through out those years it has gotten worse-ish but for a while i was able to have this battling mindset of optimistic (logically optimistic and some...
  14. [ENTP] How do you change your belief systems?

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    I'm wondering how I can connect with myself and change beliefs, add goals or just make myself a less of a pessimistic person with more confidence. I want to even change some irrational beliefs that society has forced upon us I'm also wondering how you can really connect and see what your morals...
  15. [INTP] What is the point of Ti?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    INTPs, with ISTPs and ExTJ, are the most rational MBTI types. I can perfectly understand ExTJs because they use the same function I use, but I can't understand Ti functioning at all. I never had deep conversation with ISTPs and I only know two INTPs in the real life, and we don't get along very...
  16. (Video) Help a poor, confused soul figure out their Enneagram type!

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hi everyone! I typed myself as a phobic 6w5, but I was reading an article the other day and now I'm confused again... Lol, I don't know what's wrong with me but I don't think I'm a very self-aware individual. Bear with me, this video is kind of long (you don't even have to watch it all) but if...
  17. [INTP] How does an INTP think?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    How do you approach problems? How does Ti work? Do you think with images or with words? I know that in MBTI INTPs's minds are described as the most complex, ordered and interesting could you give me an insight please? :)
  18. [Enneagram Type 5] Fives and the Magic of Mind Mapping

    Type 5 Forum - The Investigator
    I recently discovered mind mapping and was wondering if any other fives have taken to it. Graphical representations of non linear thoughts bridges my left/right brains and help me with planning trips/goals, making study notes, etc. The possibilities are endless! If you are into mind mapping...
  19. [INTP] The INTP confessions

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Well, I thought that this would be pretentious and grandiose enough for a first post, so that's what I'm doing. This post is really just outlining what some of my personal confessions/fears are, and this is posted here because I'm interested to see how many other people of the INTP type (all of...
  20. Can each function be defined by what energizes it?

    Cognitive Functions
    Can whatever stimulus that energizes a particular function be distinct from stimuli that energize the other functions? For example: What exclusively energizes Fi doms? Which function is most likely to be energized by the continuous stringing together of related or unrelated ideas? Discuss...