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multiple personality disorder

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    I do have Schizoid Personality Disorder. But I always wondered how I would respond to a person with Multiple Personality Disorder for the first time.
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    I was watching a documentary on multiple personality disorder, and i just got a mindgasm of sort- how tf do cognitive functions and mbti work for people with multiple personality. I am not an expert on how the disorder works, but in the documentary, each "personality" behaved quite differently...
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    Would they have two equal opposites in enneagram? 8w7 and 9w1 or perhaps the like? And in Myers Briggs, would the only difference maybe be one letter or total opposites? I am aware it all depends on the individual trolls, you. But, basically I want to know what you guys think- What do...
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    Are "out-of-control" behaviors symptoms of multiple personality disorders? People usually associate multiple personality disorders, or dissociative identity disorders, with something more bizarre, like having an adult slip into the mind of a five year old. In a similar case, can it be argued...