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  1. Blog
    I have recently been reading up on ADD and have found out that people with ADD generally have a better understanding of music than most people. This trait of ADD coupled with the ENFP personality type (also tend to be drawn to music and music related careers) means that people with the ENFP...
  2. Blog
    Sometimes, life can be really crazy. Our band won another our school's Battle of the Bands contest last week. We were really fucking happy. We already had a rough time because our band was fighting frequently because of our cocky vocalist. We decided to leave her out and added 2 (better)...
  3. Education & Career Talk
    Just to get to the point for a sec: I really want to be a musician/singer but honestly have NO clue how to even start and have some major issues with shyness to boot. I love music so much and I couldn't think of any other job that would make me happier than just creating music for the public...
1-5 of 5 Results