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  1. Myers Briggs Forum
    Hi, I am keen to try out some MBTI apps. Has anyone used a MBTI/Myers-Briggs related app? What were your thoughts and opinion on it? I'm not interested in MBTI dating apps. Thanks
  2. Cognitive Functions
    Hi everyone! I started a channel about the MBTI types of celebrities and movie characters. I make video detailed analyses with examples of cognitive functions usage. If you're interested in this type of content, here is the link to my recent video (Kim Kardashian analysis - I’m currently working...
  3. Cognitive Functions
    So I always mostly identified with INFP, I informed myself about all the 16 types and this seems to fit the most (ennegram is I think 4w5 and tritype 459) I did the sakinorva test today and I'm kinda confused about the functions I got Fe 29 and Fi 31 (thats pretty balanced, is that normal?) Ti...
  4. What's my personality type?
    Hello, fellow mbti enthusiasts! This is my first time on personality cafe and I came here due to some confusing test results. I’ve been into mbti typing for a few years now, and I’ve been an infj through and through for most of the time. But these past 6 months or so I’ve taken the test a few...
  5. Myers Briggs Forum
    Hey guyssss so I did something today. I decided I was going to make a myers briggs group so we can meet up in person instead of just talking on an online forum! This is the link to the group: I hope you guys enjoy the group, and an event...
  6. Myers Briggs Forum
    1. What does it mean to be an [personality type]? 2. Describe the impact the [personality type] discourse community has had in your life. 3. What is the good and the bad within the [personality type] community? 4. Is personality typing relevant and why? 5. What type of cultural/social statement...
  7. What's my personality type?
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  8. ESTP Forum - The Doers
    I am just wondering if you consider yourself flirty and what you considering flirting.... I have been told by my friends and others that, I have a very flirty personality. But, I do not view it that way. I joke around a lot. However, I view flirting as smacking my boyfriend on the ass, giving...
  9. Myers Briggs Forum
    What is something you MUST have? I am very curious on what might be similar or different between the personality types. I must have my coffee with French vanilla creamer. Oh, and sex is a must!!! What is something you think you MUST have?
  10. What's my personality type?
    1. Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life circumstances? Other useful information includes sex, age, and current state of mind. I'm 20 years old, male, I have Aspergers and ADD and sex what is...
1-11 of 12 Results