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  1. Myers Briggs Forum
    Very curious to hear peoples thoughts on this
  2. Myers Briggs Forum
    What really bad, vague terms have people used to refer to MBTI when they've never heard of it before? As a few examples, I've heard: personality "codes" personality "scores" personality "survey" the Myers-Briggs "test" Can't wait to hear some really ones.
  3. What's my personality type?
    Hi all. I am having a difficult time typing myself, and I do not find online tests to be accurate, as my results always vary. Here is how I describe myself and have been described by other people: I am very sensitive and emotional. I easily pick up on and even take on the moods and emotions of...
  4. What's my personality type?
    sorry I sound completely stupid in this video, but anyway here goes. Also I intentionally tried to make the video ~20 mins long max so there's probably a lot more that I could have said but I don't want to make you watch an entire hour long video.
  5. Myers Briggs Forum
    Ok, I'll start with mine: P.E.: ESTx; not sure which. I cut his class too many times anyway. Math: ISFJ; she's really kind and sweet; with a good sense of humor. She gives out difficult and long tests though. Health: ESTJ; very strong Te to the point of being intimidating (Case in point: of...
  6. Myers Briggs Forum
    What would you type them as? Kinda a weird question :D only a bit of fun! But I was wondering whether this would contribute to the philosophy or playstyle of the club, the club's vision or what kinda feel you get when watching them!, fans? I dont know.. anything really xD :tongue: What would...
  7. Myers Briggs Forum
    I consistently test as INTJ and the type description is pretty spot on for me, but I'm curious to see if INTP or INFP would be the next most accurate type that describes me, and how the other types would rank after that. Is there a free test out there that ranks or scores how well each of the 16...
  8. Myers Briggs Forum
    Hey guys, I don't know if you have ever heard of Ana Julia Quezada. She's known for being the killer of a 8-year-old child named Gabriel Cruz. This mediatic case took place in Almería (Spain), so most information is in Spanish. It's already been more than 5 months since it all happened and I...
  9. ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    In this edition of, is this an ENTP thing or an individual thing, I ask the following: Does anyone else have this thinking time thing? For me, I'll suddenly get into this mood where I need to intently imagine/ponder something. Like sometimes I'll imagine asking questions on the internet like...
  10. Myers Briggs Forum
    From Slayerment: April 16, 2015 Key findings: -ISTPs are the type most likely to be male, 75% -ISFJs are the type most likely to be female, 71% -ISFPs and INFPs are the most balanced, 43/57 and 42/58 male/female, respectively -ESTJs are the Thinking type most likely to be female, at 39%...
  11. Health and Fitness
    :bored: ......yawn. It's Monday again. *cue birds singing and teens groaning* what better way to start a monday than with a freshly brewed cup o' joe, am i right? Maybe. But I'm currently trying to wean myself from my severe caffeine love affair. I am deficient of motivation and 'kick'...
  12. Blog
    Hello, I've been debating my myers briggs type for over a year now through introspection, test taking, function analysis, and opinions of friends. Of course, I didn't get very far, as I'm still very confused about what I am. As a summary: I'm currently a college student studying psychology...
  13. Blog
    Why you may not be making the best decisions Today we have Antonia and Joel of Personality Hackers talking to us about Personal Growth. We were last talking about the 4 main dichotomies in Myers Briggs. The best way to grow is by first understanding your natural talents and strengths. An easy...
  14. Guess the type
    Who else watched 'The end of the f***cking world' on Netflix? What do you think about the character's MBTIs? My guesses: James: INTJ Alyssa: ESTP
  15. Myers Briggs Forum
    So, here are a few interaction videos of me casually discussing matters with a great INFJ friend of mine on New Year's Eve. Please comment and enjoy!
  16. Myers Briggs Forum
    So, here are a couple interaction videos of me conversing with one of my good ISTJ friends. Please comment and enjoy!
  17. Myers Briggs Forum
    Here are some introduction videos to what my YouTube channel is all about. I encourage all of you to comment on them, please, as well as sharing your constructive criticism, advice, and what I can do to further improve my influential "status" as an MBTI YouTuber, as I'm still fairly new to...
1-19 of 136 Results