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    So, here are a few interaction videos of me casually discussing matters with a great INFJ friend of mine on New Year's Eve. Please comment and enjoy!
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    Please comment and enjoy!
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    So, here are a couple interaction videos of me conversing with one of my good ISTJ friends. Please comment and enjoy!
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    Here are some introduction videos to what my YouTube channel is all about. I encourage all of you to comment on them, please, as well as sharing your constructive criticism, advice, and what I can do to further improve my influential "status" as an MBTI YouTuber, as I'm still fairly new to...
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    If you do, then I'd love to follow you back! Also, here's the link to my MBTI YouTube channel:
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    For those who have YouTube channels, can you please subscribe to my YouTube channel? That would mean a lot to me! On my videos, please feel free to share constructive criticism, video requests, commentary, random suggestions, etc. Thank you all, and have a wonderful holiday! And now, here's the...
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    If so, can you please post the links of your YouTube channels so that I can follow them? :) Thank you very much, and I am interesting in connecting with you on YouTube in the near future! :-)
  8. What's my personality type?
    Hello out there! I'm completely new here and shortly want to introduce myself: My name is Kathi, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Vienna, Austria. English is not my native language, therefore please forgive me for making several (horrible) mistakes. I hope you can understand at least what I'm...
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    hey, ive been having trouble finding out which type i fit into best, istp or intp. i fit both explanations fairly well, but i dont know what i am. does anyone know any ways i could find out? any test and such? ive gotten both results in the mbti test, so im quite confused.