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  1. Tired of going back and forth with myself please help

    What's my personality type?
    I am questioning my type because I definitely think like an ENTP, but my actions show otherwise. As a kid, I was almost stereotypically ENTP. I know I am ExxP, so anything else is probably out of the question, unless there's something I'm missing and someone has a good explanation. The people...
  2. The Problem with Myers-Briggs Tests

    Myers Briggs Forum
  3. A three-dimensional Myers-Briggs test

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hello! You might remember me from the thread where I shared my cognitive function test, which ended up becoming surprisingly popular. I don't expect the same sort of response for this test because traditional Myers-Briggs theory seems to be a forgotten relic on the Internet, but I am very, very...
  4. Enneagram Type - 1 or 5? INTJ Myers-Briggs

    What's my personality type?
    Hi! I'm an INTJ and I'm desperately trying to figure out my enneagram type. I've taken multiple quizzes and come up with 5 or 1 every time, but I can't seem to figure which is the best fit. *disclaimer, I just heard about the enneagram types last week, and I am not as familiar with all the...
  5. Type your teachers (mentors, coaches, bosses, role models, etc.)

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Type anyone who has authority over you or is senior to you, in one way or another. Do MBTI because it's the MBTI forum but feel free to include any other type, like Enneagram or cognitive functions or socionics. Let the typing begin!
  6. A brand-new cognitive function test

    Cognitive Functions
    Hi! I'm stopping by here to share a test I made recently for both MBTI and the cognitive functions. The test has 106 (105 actually since one of them is a dud) questions that assess your scores using three different methods: a Grant/Brownsword-based algorithm, an axis-based algorithm, and a...
  7. No clear idea on what my actual type is (Questionnaire)

    What's my personality type?
    New member here (although I have been checking the forum for quite a while) I've been typed as ISFP / INFP on multiple online tests but the more I read into cognitive functions, I doubt I use a lot of Fi. Your help in typing me would be greatly appreciated. Apologies for the long blocks of...
  8. The Types in a Zombie Apocalypse

    Myers Briggs Forum
    How do you think the types would react in a zombie apocalypse? 1. Who would survive the longest? 2. Who would die first? 3. Who would be more likely to be killed by other people than by zombies? 4. Which type do you think would be the most likely to resort to necessary evil in order to save...
  9. Fellow writers: What are the Myers-Briggs types of your characters?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    It's very fun describing my characters and what makes them each unique. MBTI is only a fraction what goes into them, but it's really interesting to see how my characters don't really fit into the stereotypes for their types. Anyway, I have well over a hundred well-developed characters, so I'm...
  10. Career suggestions for a 9w1 INFP

    Education & Career Talk
    I'm a 9w1 INFP in high school, trying to figure out what I should do with my life. Currently, I'm very interested in international relations or foreign service as it would enable me to work with people hands-on to help them solve all kinds of problems and discover the different perspectives and...
  11. A Few YouTubers

    Guess the type
    Hey! There are a few YouTubers that I watch frequently, and I was wondering what you guys would type them as. I'll add videos that may show some of their traits for evidence if there are 1. Sky Williams - ENFP (put it in the youtube url) /watch?v=UQB_U3aAn5g 2. videogamedunkey - xNTP...
  12. [ENFP] The Comprehensive ENFP Survival Guide [Book Review]

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    First big post and a big follower of the MBTI theory. I am not of the belief that your "type" completely dictates all aspects of your personality. Although I am a firm believer in using it as a tool and guide to help make better decisions in life and ultimately lead to fulfillment and happiness...
  13. Myers-Briggs Types In Modern Countries

    Myers Briggs Forum
    So, i found this article written by @MBTI Enthusiast, and i couldn't find anything about MBTI types in our countries. Or maybe i just don't know how to use the search yet :tongue: but nevertheless, i thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion on this. There aren't that many theories...
  14. children of abusive/ alcoholic/ problematic parents and MBTI

    General Psychology
    Hi everyone! I also posted this in the myers-briggs forum, but I also wanted to do it here. I've been seeing a lot of patterns in the personalities of children who grew up in a alcoholic/problematic/abusive home. There are various characteristics we all seem to have or at least respond to. A...
  15. What's the best thing that a friend could do for your personality type?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Pretty much what it says in the title. :) If a friend wanted to do something nice for you, what’s the best thing that they could do?
  16. personality types and kissing styles

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hi everyone! I saw something like this on tumblr a while ago and I thought it would be fun to post on here. So how do you imagine the different types and their kissing styles? This is not a very serious thread, I know, but we could have fun with it. :)
  17. The types as animals

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hi everyone! I accidentaly posted this thread in the NF forum, but I actually wanted it to be posted here. So... Have fun with it! I think it's an interesting idea to imagine the different personality types as animals. The more specific, the better! Here's an example. INFJ --> Russian blue...
  18. HELP MEE!!! Can you type me please?

    What's my personality type?
    Oh god okay! First of all, I've been doing various MBTI tests, bunch of them, and every time I check the description of each type, none of them seems to make me feel like "oh this is it" I've get a lot various results and overtime I'm starting to honestly doubt my type, and I don't know if the...
  19. What's her MBTI type??

    What's my personality type?
    I recently posted an "Is My Best Fried ISTP??" post and now my other bestie wants to know! xD but she has no lead on what-so-ever so I'm just gonna type down her characteristics 1. Once, when her boyfriend was sick, she forcefully took care of him while he also forcefully rejects her and this...
  20. [ISTP] Is my best friend ISTP? o u o?

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    My best friend is curious about these things but idk her answer to the questionnaire so I'll just give some of her characteristics here! 1. One time, she asked me "which one you like best so or so?" and I don't like it so I went "shut up", it was in a group setting so many people was there...