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  1. [ENFJ] Help with an ENFJ

    ENFJ Forum - The Givers
    Okay, first of all, I'm an ENFP. I like pretty much everyone. Very quick to give second chances, and I'm very good with people. I'm a nice guy. But... fucking hell, I need advice from an ENFJ. I have a friend who's an ENFJ. I'm pretty sure he's generally unbalanced. But I need to know for...
  2. Why Are Psychopaths Attracted to Me?

    General Psychology
    I've noticed a pattern in my romantic relationships. Everybody I've dated or been interested in dating has been a narcissist or a psychopath. The characteristic I despise most is narcissism. I don't realize the person is a narcissist until later in the relationship, after I've developed serious...
  3. Narcissism

    I often worry that I may be a narcissist, but then I read on the ENFJ and INTJ forums, and I'm like, nah, I'm good. :proud: Awful, isn't it?:frustrating: I've therefore come to realize that frequently worrying about yourself doesn't equate to thinking you're "the only one" all the time...
  4. I Think There's a Decent Likelihood I Could Be a Psychopath - Is This Justified?

    General Psychology
    I've had a general interest in typing something like this for awhile, though that's also been characterized by a lot of general reluctance for a few reasons; I suppose most specifically I feel a bit guilty about most of what I want to state, and don't want the general quality of my character...
  5. Ti+Ni+Te+Ne (is this normal?)

    Cognitive Functions
    I've read online that the Ti+Ni can be deemed as a person with schizoid. I've taken the test over and over again, and most of the time it comes up as this. I could be choosing the answers dishonestly though, because I'm a very narcissistic person about my intelligence. Is that possible? what...
  6. DARK TRIAD (incl poll)

    Sex and Relationships
    Found a thread, yes, but I don't care, starting another one to generate more conversation :wink: The Dark Triad of personalities is a group of three personality traits: narcissism (self-obsession), machiavellianism (exploitative nature), and psychopathy (low empathy/don't really give a shit...
  7. [INFJ] Hubris

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    How highly do you think of yourself compared to those around you? Yes? Uh, huh... You don't mind if I take notes, right? Good. Now then. How narcissistic do you act around others? Very interesting. What's that you say? No, I completely believe you. Why would I not?
  8. [Enneagram Type 4] Narcissism

    Type 4 Forum - The Individualist
    Unhealthy type 4s can be self absorbed I would consider myself quite 'unhealthy' and I think I resemble that stereotypical narcissist, only I don't show that to the external world so not many people would notice. Are any of you other type fours like so? How do you deal with it and how does it...
  9. [INTJ] Millennials, the Internet, and Narcissism

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    Recent research has suggested that increasing number of Americans (not sure about other nationalities/cultures) born in the 1970s to early 1980s (Generation X) as well as in the 1990s (Millennials) are suffering from an epidemic of narcissism as a consequence of the emphasis placed on...