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    Hey guys. I'm Mavelyn. I'm an INTP and a 8w9. I'm 17 and currently live with my best friend (an ESFJ). I'm dating a ENTP. So I've never been the typical geeky INTP. Yes, I have a high GPA and could recite the Hunger Games word for word, but I don't spend time calculating the percentage of how...
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    Anyway, now that the title showed how ~QUIRKY~ I am, uhh... yo โ˜† Kurage's the name, and being a socially awkward teenager is my game. I came to this site to meet fellow INFPs and pretty much just anyone in general. I'm no good at starting a conversation, and I'm terribad at talking to people on...
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    I'm Wanderflower. 23 years old. I'm a highly sensitive person (aka an empath). I was normally an ISFP, but I think I'm becoming more of an INFP. I'm a 4w5. That's really all I know personality-wise. Oh, I have Asperger's syndrome! My favorite band is Elsiane. They are an indie-experimental band...
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    Hi! I'm Robin. :D How do you do? First of all, I'm glad that the rush of Christmas is over for now so that I can get the chance to introduce myself! I hope that you all enjoyed the holidays if you celebrate any of them. Obviously, I'm new here and very excited to join a new forum. I love what I...
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    Hi everyone! I'm your teenage ENTP female. I'm definitely an idea person and love drawing and designing things. "Things" usually being something along the lines of LED dresses and ideas on where to use alternative energy for the betterment of society. Usual ENTP stuff :wink: I'm a science and...
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    Greetings everyone, my name is Erin and I swear I'm a narcissist despite what the title says. Well, maybe not in the conventional sense. I love people in general, which just so happens to include myself. So I naturally happen to talk about myself in ways that many people consider to be...
  8. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I was trying to determine whether I was a nerd or geek, and found myself comparing myself against this Geek vs. Nerd: The Infographic I identify highly with both. I can never fit into categories like this ^^; What do you guys identify with if any?
  9. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I thought this would be a fun little thing to think about. Quaint, yes...but maybe fun. It doesn't necessarily have to be fictional! More or less your ideal world. I think I would either want to belong to Middle-Earth or even Hyrule. Perhaps even Neverland. Oh! What about...the Mushroom...
  10. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Nerdfighters? dftba? French the llama? Giant squid of anger? in your pants? For those of you who don't get this I'll share two of their most recent video and a few of their older ones. For those of you who do, hello.
  11. Blog
    I tried to post the following to the Nerd Cred Thread but it wouldn't let me have links to all my stuff because I haven't had 10 posts. I don't believe in posting junk just to reach some arbitrary minimum, so here it is (plus some additions): _______________________________________________...
1-12 of 17 Results