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  1. [ENFP] lets be friendssss

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    hi i want to meet new people, i love the people in this forum and anyone who wants to have an online friends my kik is basilluna lets chat :)) you can ask anything about me (just dont be a perv please XD) also add me if you want friends will accept your request as well i love all the people...
  2. INFP Friends

    Hello! Would any INFPs like to chat with me? I would love to make friends :tongue:
  3. [INFP] Hard Time Making Friends

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hi! I was wondering if some fellow INFPs could give me advice on making friends. As an INFP I'm already quite shy and on top of that I believe I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder, which makes me very nervous when talking to other people. There are a lot of people who are my acquaintances that...
  4. New ISTP chick in the cafe!!!!

    Hey everybody my name is Ariana! I just joined the cafe to learn more about myself and others like me. I hopefully will get some friends out of this.... Well I'm not good with words so I wouldn't ramble, much. I first learned about the personality types in a college class I'm currently in and...
  5. Should I make a decision with my MIND or my HEART? PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Advice Center
    I am going to be moving sometime in the next 2 weeks. My plan was to move to an area of town where I feel like I have more of a community. I moved to this city just over a year ago for work and have yet to find a place where I feel home. (Finding companions through work has been a dead end)...
  6. An INTP young lady is coming

    Hello to Everyone, I'm Danny C. Tudor, or simply Danny. I live in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). I think the most of my compatriots are too noisy and rowdy for my taste and their interests are very different to mine. Yes, there are exceptions, but is harder to find. Well, returning to talk about...
  7. I'm your huckleberry :P

    Hi everyone, I am brand new. I think I am a poster girl ENFP. I have alot of hobbies, my favorite of which is daydreaming. I love people and possibilities. My favorite color is yellow and my greatest fear is giant squid. I will probably never straighten my hair. I am a broadcast journalist in...