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    Hey, anyone has any theory on which type Aly in New Girl is (Winstons fiance)? =) Have searched but not found anything.
  2. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I've seen multiple people say that she's an INTP or even an INTJ, but personally I can't see how she could be either of the two. Some of her earlier interviews seem to lean that direction; but I doubt if either of the two are her true personality type. I tend to believe that she's either an ISFP...
  3. Intro
    Sooo, I should probably start by saying hi!AND UNICORNS HAVE AN ESSENCE OF MAGIC THAT MAKES IT WONDERFUL AND INEXPLICABLY AWESOME. Now that I've made a fool of myself.... HI!!! I'm new here and so... yeah I'm an INFJ! (I think, I could be wrong). So yeah... A bit about me... um I like to dance...
  4. Intro
    [ENFP] advice on CAREER CHOICE! check my 1st post about <3 with ENTJ, link at bottom! I have been entrepreneurial since the first damn cup of lemonade I sold. It wasn't even a standard lemonade stand either, it was COMPLEX. Don't ask;) now i'm making it sound really weird... and now i'm...
  5. Intro
    I've come across this site a few times, and just joined. Am interested in psychology and love the myers brigg test! Would be interesting to talk to anyone about their experience as an INFP or with INFP's :)
  6. Intro
    Hello! So, I read a couple of other intros and they were all very long, so I'll try to write something... I am norwegian, a girl, an amateur photographer, a student, wants to study the human mind or some other type of science, but is right now studying art, hates authority, tried to convince...
  7. Intro
    Hi! I'm Katy, an INFP and 4w5. c: I'm pretty new here, but I'm finding my way around pretty well so far. So, I signed up because I may or may not be a huge narcissist. Not really, personality types just really interest me. So, yeah, I'm friendly, I don't bite much. That's all I've got to...
  8. Intro
    Hey guys! Just wanted to introduce myself here, since I signed up last night. I'm in my twenties and have long been interested in all sorts of personality tests. That said, I wasn't really aware of the complexities of the MBTI system until I started poking around on these forums. I've...
1-8 of 8 Results