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  1. Intro
    Hello, everyone. I am Thrax, one of the newest members of the cafe. I am an INFJ, based off of multiple personality tests, so I'm going with that. I love to discuss the personalities and traits of fictional and real (take your pic) characters, ranging from Star Wars to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so...
  2. Intro
    Greetings! I'm Evoblast99, and I'm here to know myself better, and know others like me! Please tell me what I should do in here... I feel a bit lost :tongue: Anyway, I'm here, NOW!!! HURRAY!!! Post scriptum: I like dinosaurs :kitteh:
  3. Intro
    Hello everyone. I'm new on this forum. I recently found out why I don't fit so well among majority of people... I'm an ISFJ!! I hope I can find some kindred souls for talk here, because my thoughts aren't enough anymore. Everyone needs friendship. Sooo, I guess this is it for my first post...
  4. Intro
    Hello there, I'm a new member but certainly very aware of the MBTI personality typing. The funny thing is that I still haven't really figured out my own type, even after settling on either an INFJ or an INTP. It's something I've been trying to figure out for the longest time and I'm STILL...
  5. Intro
    Hey everybody, I'm not particularly used to writing / typing introductions for these sort of things, but here goes... People can call me Henrik, and I am 19 at a Scottish university studying biotechnology. I found this site about 2 days ago after doing a personality test, where I got INTJ, I...
  6. Intro
    Hey everyone I'm an ENTP and have finally joined PerC. I've been browsing the forums here for a while and figured I might as well join. I have a basic knowledge of MBTI/socionics but there's a lot of stuff I still don't get so I'm excited to learn new stuff and of course, discuss theories.
  7. Intro
    I'm new here, have been lurking around for some days, anda I already find this an amazing forum with some remarkable people. Hm, I think I'm an INFP, not sure yet though. Oh, I like the angry guy's color! :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry: That's it, pretty much.
  8. Intro
    Hi Everyone, I am the new ENTP on the block. Actually, I am not new to PerC. I was quite active around an year back. Then, I was on a break (God knows why!). Meanwhile, I continued with self-exploration and kept reading about different personalities. In fact, I have been reading about MBTI for...
  9. Intro
    Greetings from one more ISTP from Greece! My name is Dimitris and I would like to introduce myself to all you people who found more harmony in your life through the helpful Mr.Jung and and the mighty MBTI method.I'm 23 years old,student of Applied Foreign Languages in Business and Commerce on...
  10. Intro
    Here's my story: It all started out when I was browsing a website called reddit. I discovered a subreddit called '/r/introvert'. This subreddit usually satisfied any of my urges to discuss behavior. Recently, though, the quality of posts in /r/introvert has been declining, greatly. I decided to...
1-10 of 10 Results