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  1. Intro
    Greetings everyone! I am not very good with introductions :blushed:, but I'll just say a few things about myself. I do not share my real name or exact age online, but on the internet (YouTube and TwitchTV) I am known as BlazeSeeker14 or Blaze and I am a young INFP female. I was introduced to...
  2. Intro
    Hello, Wow, i'm shy even introducing myself on the internet, haha. I've been super obsessed with the MBTI, and have recently been getting into Enneagram types too. When I took the MBTI my results were the (Practical, Methodical) INFP, and my Enneagram type is 4w3... typical, haha. Every time...
  3. Intro
    Hi everybody! I've discovered this site circa a month ago and after reading a few topics (especially on the INFP and ENFJ forums) decided to join. I'm almost 18-years-old (born in October) girl living in Poland with her family including a twin brother (he claims to be a 'pure' 5 and INTJ but I...
  4. Intro
    My first post.. new thread. I'm so lost and confused... but I guess I have to introduce myself? Ok, ok, I've been on here so many times just wanting to join, and now that I have, I'm beyond scared and embarrassed to post anything anywhere. I saw a few threads where people posted saying...
  5. Intro
    Hello to everybody, once again. Do You like this big green letters? :proud: I'm INFP, according to every test I took. I'm suspicious capricorn, so that's why I retake mbti test hundred times, I think. I don't like to talk much about myself, but I like hugs and warm smiles. I have to stop now...
  6. Intro
    ello! relatively new to forum life but thought i'd try it out after recently discovering my inner infpness (see what i did there :wink:). but i'm sorta at a loss of what to post at the minute, just excited to get the proverbial ball rolling and talk to you guys :) I WANT TO MEET MY PEOPLE
1-6 of 6 Results