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  1. An INTJ Once Again Attempts Interpersonal Relationships

    Hello. I'm Lani. I'm new to this site. I've been on it before, but I've never joined or really read any forums or posts, but I've decided (as the title of the thread so gracefully suggests) to try to maintain online personal relationships. It's easier online, isn't it? I suppose I should tell...
  2. INTJ looking for friends and/or enemies

    Dear future friends/enemies, Please read this with a monotone tone of voice in mind. I'm a girl, mid 20s and I'm an architect. I’ve been told I’m funny and ‘weird, in a good sense’. Humor is very important in my relationships, I’ve bonded with almost every friend I have through sense of...
  3. Waah, first time I sign up in a forum ... I'm kind of lost ;) New INTJ here!

    Hi, Soo I see I'm supposed to introduce myself... well, I'm kinda new to forums and blogs, so please tell me if I am ignorant of rules or anything else :) After taking the MBTI last year I read a lot of places that I would find more likeminded people on the internet, and I actually do. The MBTI...
  4. [[Insert title to generic welcome thread]]!! INTJ Female says hello.

    Hey everyone! Not really sure what to say in this little blurb, but I guess most of all I'm just excited that I found a site where you can find other people and articles based on personality type. I like the idea of it being a cafe, too - feels more cozy and intimate. Covering the basics. I'm...
  5. An INTJ arrived to their new destination.

    Hey, there. I am new young INTJ around here. Also the young means I am in upper secondary school. I can be called just koshek or by my nickname Noki. Also 'koshek' is Russian and means 'cats'. It is easy to deduce something from it. Well. I hope I'll enjoy myself here with some interesting...
  6. Type/Music Taste Correlation

    General Psychology
    What music does your type listen to? Many people like to think that your music taste has nothing to do with your personality, but it actually has a lot to do with it. And this is coming from someone who has spent years on the internet and countless hours observing people and has almost...
  7. Hello people :)

    Hey, I'm new here (i'm brazilian, so i can't speak english this much) My name is Luana, i found this forum very interesting, so here i am :) I hope i learn something about personality types and meet some nice people here :tongue:
  8. INTJ Getting Around

    Hello Everyone, I'm an INTJ as stated above. I'm new to the forum, but I should be okay.
  9. hi new here.

    i am an intj and in some cases i would say an extreme one. umm yeah i got nothing else after that.
  10. New at Personality Cafe

    So i was doing the usual things i commonly do as an [INTJ] when i discovered this page. I hope it is a way for me to finally be able to be myself completely without feeling judged. I find myself very drawn to this website in just a few hours of being on it. Its a cool way of expressing my...
  11. Hello to all

    Hi everybody, I recently discovered I am an INTJ (which explains quite a few years of my life). Anyway I have been lurking on several forums since then and you guys seem to be the best of the bunch so here I am. :happy:
  12. Hello, New INTJ

    Hi everyone, I'm a female INTJ teen. I've been into the personality types for about a year now, and I've finally decided to join here to learn more about INTJ's as well as the other types that exist. I hope to have some fun, insightful discussions.
  13. hello, new member INTJ

    Just thought I should introduce myself :happy:. Hmm I don't know what to say hope will see you guys around, if I can be bothered to actually sign in or answer some of there threads :bored: I bet some of you are wondering what the F*** are you here anyway :angry: [lol] simple: research :tongue...
  14. One of them lonely misunderstood types.

    Hey everybody, I'm new to the forum. I've been into typology for the past couple of years. Most of my reading was focused on MBTI/Keirsey, but recently I've come to like enneagram a lot more. I think they're both fairly accurate, and I've even tried to compare and contrast, but relating who I am...
  15. Listen to a New INTJ Member Babble About Herself! :D

    Salutations fellow internet-dwellers :3, About a year ago I found the MBTI personality assessment. Having no previous knowledge of the 16 types, I repeatedly tested as and INTJ and was fascinated by its accurate description. Finding it was truly an example of serendipity, because as a...
  16. Blogging is a Frustrating Thing

    So why do I keep at it? I keep looking into various blog sites in hopes of finding people to have stimulating discussions with. For some reason friendships are much easier to foster online than in the real world. I've had a bit of luck on tumblr as far as finding intelligent people goes, but...