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  1. Hiiii

    Hi everyone, I've just joined as a member of this site but I have read different posts before about being an INFP (which I am). I must have found out I was INFP more than a year ago and it was as if the way I am makes sense despite seeming so strange to others! :exterminate: I also like Doctor...
  2. Hello :)

    So I don't really know how to go about this so please bear with me ^_^; (I actually typed "bare with me" at first there :P) My name is Serena and i'm an 18 year old INFJ female from Scotland. I originally created this account about a year ago when I first learned of MBTI and took numerous tests...
  3. Hi! 13 year old IN ...something... J here.

    So as you can tell by my intro I am a 13 year old in_j. I have the blank because I have no preference when it comes to thinking or feeling. I think half the time and I feel half the time. I love creative things and logical things equally. I am a bit selfish, but also selfless. I LOVE science...
  4. 'Ello.

    'Ello. I'm new... :unsure:
  5. Omgeeeehellooooo

    HI Im new. ENFP I am kinda in a weird mood. Gonna watch Hurcules, what do you think his type is? Okaayy Love you BYEE :crazy:
  6. Anyone care to welcome a newbie?

    Typically I shy away from making any kind of post to introduce myself....But it seems everywhere I look there's SOMETHING telling me to do this so, here I am. Hm... I guess I'd better introduce myself now. My personality is ISFJ, I'm socially awkward and very shy... I don't have any friends, so...
  7. HI! I'm Cherry Mocha Surpise...and DESPITE MY NAME I AM NOT A PROSTITUTE

    I hope my title was interesting and descriptive enough!!! Maybe a little too much *crosses fingers to not get banned* I've been obsessing over personality types for...about a year now? Gosh. THANKS A LOT TALI FOR GIVING ME A SERIOUS ADDICTION And now I've finally joined a forum! yayy So...
  8. A New ENTJ Joining the Ranks

    Thought I'd start off the experience and introduce myself. :wink: I recently got myself professionally typed as an ENTJ and from the description, I think it fits me quite well. Also, since I was lurking here for a long time before typing myself, I couldn't resist joining as I'm highly...
  9. Hey, I'm new!!!!

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Hello, I'm new as you undoubtibly already know. I'm an INTP 5w4 sx/sp or sp/sx. ( not sure which). I love music with a passion and love to think, too much actually. I'm currently being homechooled and am probably A.D.D. I play guitar and listen to mostly grunge music and classic rock ( ie. 60's...
  10. [ENFP] Hi Y'ALL :D

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    herrow all I am new here, and I wanted to observe how things are done before jumping in :blushed:. And I seriously hope I'm not violating rules by posting a thread on an intro :unsure: I have been lurking about your forums after I caught the MBTI bug (almost a year now) then decided to join in...
  11. Hey, I'm a new INFJ here. Wuz up?!

    I'm not really sure what to say here. umm... I'm an INFJ (I'm pretty sure). I'm excited to be here though I'm not entirely sure how it works.:unsure:
  12. 'Lo! another INFJ female here! but this one is from Texas -gasp-

    As mentioned above, I am an INFJ female living in Texas. Nice to meet ya'll ^^ okay. . about me. . I am a first year college student. . . well. . .community college-student but, it's all the same in the long run, isn't it? I am an artist I enjoy reading, and learning about new things. ...