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  1. New INTJ here to say hello :)

    Hey guys, While randomly searching the I saw this forum and thought I'd stop by. I'm 21 year old and study engineering. My hobbies are gaming, going on web browsing adventures, pooling/drinking with my friends, jogging and reading whenever I find a book that I really like. I have a hard time...
  2. INFJ: Hello, is it me you're looking for? NEWBIE

    I can see it in your eyes. I can see it your smile.... Hello Humans and or other species. I am a very stereotypical INFJ. I ended up reading some threads and you are definitely my people. It's nice when not only do people like the same Myers and Briggs shenanigans but there are also people with...
  3. Ayyyyeeee. Female INTP. New here and don't really know what to say (surprise, right?)

    Female INTP here, trying to figure things out and learn a bit on the way to help appease the knowledge beast. If you care to read, here's a little bit about me... Pretty sure I'm a 5w6 and certain I'm INTP, however, I do have very well developed Fi and Fe. I'm a pretty great artist (if I do...
  4. Not crazy...just ENTP (Woke up in Brazil)

    I've been taking personality tests since I enrolled in junior college 6 years ago. Now, having graduated from one of the top research universities in the country, I have developed the cognitive ability to read my personality profile and apply it to my life, or at least try, because I'm an ENTP...
  5. [INTP] Advice for an INTP going into college?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    I'm an INTP going into college in june (No, the title wasn't a trap to detain you while i harvested your delicious Lucky Charms). I am aware of the fact that things will be much different from high school. Any tips on developing study skills, socializing, and generally surviving?
  6. The riveting world of MBTI: debunk and affirm assumptions made of your type

    Hello :crazy: I am a noob to personality cafe and to MBTI. I have learned lots about my own type (INTJ) and not as much about other types. I highly value tolerance and understanding (although they are two of my weaknesses), which is why I am here to learn. I can't wait to get to know the MBTI...
  7. Yo

    Hi my name is "Bowser" my real name is C a r m a l e n e I did not do that for any other reason besides the fact that I am too easy to google with a name like that.... long story. Anyways. I was on here a while ago and cannot remember which email address I used to login back at that time. I...
  8. System.out.Println("Hello World!");

    Hello guys. I'm yet another INFJ that seems invariably attracted to this site like a fly to a bright bulb. That said, I'm relatively close to an INTJ (and I perceive many of my best friends to be INTJ). Basically I'm here to hopefully interact with similarly minded people, there's a certain...
  9. Just Your Average ENFP Newbie

    Hello one and all. As you may have noticed, I'm new to this PerC scene and excited to be a part of it. I was introduced to MBTI by my INFP cousin roughly a year ago, and, after lurking around the forums for a little bit, decided to join. If you have any questions about me (Do I have any pets...
  10. Hey from an ISTJ =)

    Hey guys, my name's Spiny and I've decided to join the forum after lurking around as a guest for a while now. I discovered MBTI a few years ago but it's only recently that I've become interested in it, I guess as a part of my own self-discovery and in understanding how other people work =) I've...
  11. [ENFP] Hi Y'ALL :D

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    herrow all I am new here, and I wanted to observe how things are done before jumping in :blushed:. And I seriously hope I'm not violating rules by posting a thread on an intro :unsure: I have been lurking about your forums after I caught the MBTI bug (almost a year now) then decided to join in...
  12. Newbie Here. :]

    Hello there! I really, really don't know how to get started on here! Right now I'm just winging it and hoping I'm not making a fool out of myself! I joined this forum because (and does it really need to be stated?) I love personality typing. And psychology in general. And I own every book I've...