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  1. Intro
    Hello fellow PCers! I've always been interested in personality types since I was a kid reading my sister's college psych textbooks. I've always tested INFJ so am confident in that assessment. I've always gotten Ravenclaw when being sorted so I'm pretty confident in that as well ;) I'm excited...
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    I don't know what to say yet, other than, Hello! Any tips, resources or any advice for this site would be warmly welcomed. (Thanks.)
  3. Intro
    Helloeverybody! I am new here which means I will tell you copiousquantities of things about myself until I feel I have sufficientlytold you who I am. Myname is Jennifer. I am currently 25, but I'll be 26 in May, whichisn't so far away now. I don't know how international this board is,but I...
  4. Intro
    Hi everyone. I usually like to sit back and observe a bit before talking so I know how to better respect group dynamics but I was encouraged to say "hi" and introduce myself, so..."hi". :happy: I'm an INFJ who loves writing, reading, music, and rugby. Some of my favorite writers are JRR...
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    After going through a big career change life transition in the past few years I picked up a book on personality types to try to figure out why my chosen career had all gone a bit wrong, to discover I'm an INFJ. It then started to make a lot more sense. I've since done quite a bit of soul...
  6. Intro
    Hey, everyone, I'm kind of a newbie here. I'm an INFJ and I'm excited to meet others :) For a long time I thought I was just an odd person, but glad to know that there are other people like me. haha
  7. Intro
    Well hello I'm new here! A friend introduced me to the idea of personality testing and a forum around it. One could say I was intrigued as anyone would be right? So here I am! My personality type according to this one test I took is INFJ but I can't say for sure as I believe that those kinda...
1-7 of 7 Results