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  1. Introducing myself

    Hello everyone, I'm a girl of 22 who's here to learn something more about mbti, enneagram and such I've known about mbti and enneagram ever since I was 13, but back then my knowledge was of course very shallow and I mistyped myself a few times during my teen years, both due to my young age and...
  2. ENFP 4w3 newbie - greetings to all!

    Hi everyone! I’ve been doing a lot of reading on enneagram types lately (I am a 4 after all) and this forum has been a goldmine - so I eventually decided to join in the conversation! As I said in the title, I’m an ENFP (mistyped myself as an ENTP for quite some time) and a 4w3 so/sp. I find the...
  3. INFP says hi!

    Hi everyone!! One of the elusive male INFPs saying hi as a new member! I've come across this forum & read things but decided I should register & get involved rather than just read. Based in the UK. Near 29 years of INFP-ness!
  4. Intp inkling stepping from the shadows

    Sup.... I think from the fact that I'm an intp and an inkling i don't have anything more to clarify. Of course I am mysterious and keep my cards close to my hairless inkling chest.
  5. A Curious Newbie

    Hi! As mentioned, I am a newbie who's interested to learn more about the different personality types. Well, okay, don't shoo me away and say "Use Google", bc we are all capable of doing that. I just wanna immerse myself in a community where I can learn more about this whole thing through...
  6. Yooooooo

    It's me and I'm new as you probably can tell
  7. I'm back on PC new & improved, what's up PC?

    Hey everyone, I have been gone for a good 6 years so I don't have any friends! Most that I have seem to be inactive. I am INFP, I thought I was ISFJ but but the S/F and J/P were always super close in percentage. I have gone through hell and back, have evolved into a new person and am so excited...
  8. INTJ Virgo here :)

    I want to know who I truly am. I spend more time in my head. Drunk me is a different me. Don't really like socializing. "All or nothing" is my motto. And, self-introduction is not my kinda thing. Hope I learn something new here :)
  9. Hi, I'm a new INFJ!

    Hello everybody, I'm a 24 years old girl from Italy that just joined. I'm a type INFJ and I've known for a while time but it took me a long time to search for a blog with like-minded people. I guess maybe the introvert intuitive in me? :oh:
  10. Me: INTJ or INFJ?

    Guess the type
    So, lately I've been going back in forth between whether I am INTJ or INFJ. I've read different articles, taken different tests, watched some videos... and still cannot figure out which one is really my type. I would greatly appreciate it if any of you could help me and maybe give your opinions...
  11. Newbie introduction

    Hey guys, its nice to meet you all. I'm new here on Personality cafe. Currently, I'm riding the line between INFJ and INTJ personality types. I've taken many tests and read different articles and still can't figure it out. Besides that, I would like to meet other INFJs and INTJs and learn more...
  12. New INFJ here to stand at the snack table and watch everyone else in the party

    Hello hello! My life is a mess right now, and a friend of mine recommended checking out a personality-related forum, because it helped her when she was trying to figure herself out. So I came here, looked at some random INFJ posts and was surprised to find that I suddenly felt a lot better. I...
  13. Hello, everyone!

    Hi! Newly registered but been a long-time lurker of the PersonalityCafe. I have gotten so much insight reading entries and comments, and I look forward to contributing hopefully beneficial ones. Male. College grad. Been tested as an INFJ and Type 6, both of which I agree with for the most part.
  14. Hello, from an Aussie ISTP in which I try to make repeated references to my cats

    G'day, um, not sure if I'm using this uber complicated forum correctly but, yeah, hi, I'm Fiona. I've been lurking on-and-off for years and I figured one of these days I really ought to not just lurk in the shadows. [Full disclosure: there's every likelihood I'll not be around here much...
  15. The typical writer who wanted to get good at characterization and...

    ...fell into this hellhole that is personality typing. They asked me to be interesting, is this enough? Anyway, I'm new here and would really like to get a deeper understanding of MBTI and how forums work. Also, different MBTI tests have given me different typings, but the most consistent one...
  16. New ISTP!

    Hi, I've been lurking around this site for quite a while now and just recently decided to create an account. Hoping for a warm welcome!
  17. Intp

    Hi, my name is Alannah. I've recently joined the site and thought I would say hello.
  18. I'm the party guest hiding in the kitchen playing with the dog...

    Hi, all! (waves shyly). Another newbie here. So...HR is hosting a two-day Myers-Briggs workshop tomorrow at my office, and it turns out in pre-testing that I'm an INFJ. No big surprises there. But while it delights me to be a somewhat rare type, I'm afraid I'm going to be told yet again that...
  19. Another INFP Joining To The Group

    Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Marlene, I'm a 21 years old woman who's interested in this forum because of the personality topic, and I would like to meet new people. I have seen this site for a while, and I think this is the right place to see all kinds of people, that's awesome...