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  1. Intro
    Im surprised I even found this but I need help! Starting, posting, participating! Everything is so confusing here. Any forums I should read? Anybody any help would be much appreciated!! XOXO- A Lost Puppy :th_sur:
  2. Intro
    Hi. Im Roy and I am an ENFP. Id like to meet others, preferably on a somewhat anonymous basis, for me anyway. I am itching to meet others like myself. I am 17 and Australian. And female p.s. Please feel free to inbox me if youre an ENFP or perhaps not but are eager to meet me. Either way I am...
  3. Intro
    First, if anybody could PLEASE tell me how you get those nifty quotes at the bottom of your posts, I'd appreciate it. I found the Personality Cafe thanks to tracking the source of a graphic on Google Images concerning ENFPs. I've posted 10 times on this first day, not counting this post, and I...
  4. Intro
    Hello fabulous new people! I am here to tell you hello! also follow directions! also..... please no spam! I don't care about you! sincerely~ :crazy: that messed up INTP
  5. Blog
    Hi guys! For those who remember this thread, I am compiling an update to send in to a moderator, which will occur shortly. If anyone has any suggestions for updates, I would appreciate knowing! Thanks!
  6. ISTJ Forum - The Duty Fulfillers
    I had a really hard time understanding cognitive functions because I was trying to understand them based on lengthy articles full of confusing abbreviations. The articles weren't bad, they just had too much information for me to easily sift through. When I am first learning about something...
1-7 of 7 Results