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ni ti loop

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    What are you like when you're unhealthy? How do you see your shadow functions manifesting when stressed/unhealthy? Do you believe in Ni-Ti loop, and if yes, how does it manifest in terms of behaviour?
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    My Interpretation of the Ni-Ti loop As a mean of reference.. Ni - Introverted Intuiting "Introverted iNtuiting involves synthesizing the seemingly paradoxical or contradictory, which takes understanding to a new level. Using this process, we can have moments when completely new, unimagined...
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    What are some examples of how an INFJ would use their functions? Does function pairs have an influence on how a function is used? (e.g Si/Fe vs Ni/Fe) Also, what is a "Ni-Ti loop" and does it only affect INFJs or does it also affect other types that use Ni and Ti?