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  1. Generation Z Forum
    This seems to be a very interesting topic for me...a LOT has changed for the 3 networks over the course since their existence. Let's see what we had then vs what we have now. It would be great for YOU to let me know how the networks have changed over time. Cartoon Network/Nick/Disney Then...
  2. Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    I have a question. Is the funniest cartoons in the 1990s Ne humor and attracts mostly NP types ? Shows like The Ren & Stimpy Show , Rocko's Modern Life , Ed Edd N Eddy , and Animaniacs . They were very wild and funny so I'm just curious how this relates to the types of the fans. Because now a...
  3. Myers Briggs Forum
    Tyler: ISFP Shelby: ESFP Koda: ESFJ Chase: ESTP Riley: INTP Ivan: ENFJ Kendall (I mean Miss Morgan eheh): ISTJ Prince Philip: ENTJ Keeper: INFJ What do you guys think?
  4. Guess the type
    I can't help but wonder where some of the characters would fall personality wise. Especially Eliza, Debbie, and Nigel. Opinions, anyone?
  5. Guess the type
    Anyone have any guesses for the MBTI types of Drake and Josh? :)
1-5 of 6 Results