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  1. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hey dear community, I hope you all had some awesome christmas days! Today I found something out, I really enjoy thinking a lot (I am very introspective), so I am diagnosed having depression and since I am depressed, everything feels so worthless... It´s not that I think that I am worthless...
  2. Generation Y Forum
    Do you consider the 4th gaming generation to be a Gen X gaming generation or a Gen Y gaming generation? Obviously most of those who played those games as kids would've been the older Millennials, yet those who played it as teens would've been X/Y cusps or even core Xers. Would you say the...
  3. Guess the type
    As the title suggests, what types do you believe the cast of Smash Brothers to be? Characters from all games in series can be included. Give their type, and your for reason for that type. For example: Little Mac: ISFP; I always imagined Mac to be more on the quiet side. He mostly keeps to...
  4. Guess the type
    Hello:) I am new here. I apoligize for my bad english and maybe my inexperience! I love this forum and I'm pleased to be here. What do you think? What types might they have? My guesses: ~FIRST GENERATION~ Robin: INTx? Chrom: ENFJ Lissa: ESFP. Frederick: ISTJ. Sully: ESTP. Virion: ESFP...
  5. Video Games
    I have been looking for more friends who play Splatoon but everyone seems to play PS4 games (which I like as well). I'd like to squad with some people for fun (I am S rank) but I have a hard time finding people who aren't 12 years old :laughing:
  6. Member Polls
    Title says it all. Personally, I'm torn between Nintendo and PlayStation. I like old Nintendo games more then old PlayStation games, but nowadays, I like more games that are on PlayStation than new Nintendo games. Plus, if I wanted to be a YouTuber, PlayStation would have my preference there...
  7. Member Polls
    Title says it all.
  8. Science and Technology
    This one is for the Gamers and Technology freaks in the crowd! Including me! E3 Expo begins in only four days. There'll be some interesting events at the coming up event -- Sony will have to explain recent hacking events, and Microsoft will be explaining on what the future of the Xbox 360 will...
1-8 of 8 Results