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  1. Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    He's a classic 4, emotionally expressive, revealing, believing he was inherently inferior, but also believing he was above others, making things a tragedy for himself was easy. He's even stated this, he always made things sadder than they actually were. Can someone explain to me why he's typed...
  2. Blog
    In vipassana meditation, a relative of Zen, it's "awareness", being hooked into "here/now", and while focusing attention on the breath, using one object, daily, over the course of decades, further "awareness" may happen, though it isn't spiritual the way that phrase gets tossed "New Age"...
  3. Intro
    Hi, I'm Dorota and new to the forum. I've recently become quite interested in MBTI types and for the past couple of months spending time in MBTI FB groups and Googling anything and anyone in regards to MBTI. The enneagram I discovered today, and what I came up with is so true for me it's...
  4. Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    Yes, to me Stone Temple Pilots should deserve a lot more credit, especially after Scott Weiland's death... ESSENTIAL GRUNGE ALBUMS: Dirt (Alice in Chains) Nevermind (Nirvana) Core (Stone Temple Pilots) Badmotorfinger (Soundgarden) Ten (Pearl Jam) MY FAVORITE: Dirt (Alice in Chains) Jar of...
  5. Myers Briggs Forum
    Kurt- INFP Dave- ENFP, tho became more ESFP after forming the Foo Fighters. Krist- ENFJ ------------- Courtney- EsTP Frances- ENTJ? Thoughts?
  6. Guess the type
    Type Kurt Cobain please! God, I'm sure he was an INFP, but my boyfriend is SOOO sure about it, he says Kurt Cobain was an INTP! I think it's clear about the INxP, I've read his biography, books which are supposed to be his diaries, his lyrics, testimonials of people who knew him, when I was 13...
1-8 of 8 Results