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  1. INTJ Virgo here :)

    I want to know who I truly am. I spend more time in my head. Drunk me is a different me. Don't really like socializing. "All or nothing" is my motto. And, self-introduction is not my kinda thing. Hope I learn something new here :)
  2. New INTJ here to say hello :)

    Hey guys, While randomly searching the I saw this forum and thought I'd stop by. I'm 21 year old and study engineering. My hobbies are gaming, going on web browsing adventures, pooling/drinking with my friends, jogging and reading whenever I find a book that I really like. I have a hard time...
  3. The problem with being an enneagram 3

    Being a 3 is great; the problem, I think, is that we tend to think of ourselves objectively. This makes it easier to see where we can improve ourselves, but also easier to lie about who we are. Because we are fixated on how others view us, this causes us to lie often; it is also why we tend to...
  4. INFP noobie noob

    That note above the title area is making me feel more anxious about this whole lurker -> participant transition. :unsure: Buuuut everyone around here seems pretty nice and open to being themselves, plus it's just the internet, how bad could it be? :tongue: Anyway, I'm Liina. I'm 27, INFP 6w7...
  5. Hello neighbor

    Planning on sticking around awhile, especially while on vacation. I don't know my type yet, so I suppose I'll find my nearest recruiter and go from there. OH and I'm definitely not weird, just eccentric, so accept it.
  6. INFP with a deliberate lack of knowledge in Socionics

    Socionics Forum
    Hi all, New to this forum thing, do be nice! :) I am fascinated by type and have a reasonable grip on the MBTI — INTJ friend has given me an invaluable understanding of the cognitive functions that of course aid more than letters sequences alone — but I deliberately stayed away from Socionics...
  7. I'm new, hello hello!

    Sooo my welcome email told me I should make a post to introduce myself and I thought hey, why the hell not? Casual side note, I'm just going to say that seeing "MSN Messenger Handle" and "AIM Screen Name" tabs in the profile editing options brought me back man, I'd almost forgotten about those...
  8. What up peeps

    I'm new to this site, so heyo.
  9. Hello from an inquisitive noob

    Hi All, I'm Greg and I'm new to the site. I'm excited to discuss and learn more about personality theory and typology with all of you! I've been reading up on Jungian typology, the MBTI, Kiersey, etc for about five years now. One reason why I'm here is for personal insight into what my own type...
  10. Hi! ^^

    I am new here...^^ Hope to have fun and learn some smarts as well as share my own smarts.
  11. New INT? to site

    Hello. I'm new here, and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm not 100% sure of my personality type. Anyways, I just figured I'd get started with learning how this site works!
  12. Me in not so much a nutshell(gods know I can't come up with a more interesting title)

    Hello interwebs - I come in peace My username sounds cheesy as hell despite my absolutely lovely profile picture :wink: and I wish I could give you my real name but nah. I'm like the Internet, you see, the person my friends see is the surface of the Internet - the shlit that pops itself up on...
  13. Ayyyyeeee. Female INTP. New here and don't really know what to say (surprise, right?)

    Female INTP here, trying to figure things out and learn a bit on the way to help appease the knowledge beast. If you care to read, here's a little bit about me... Pretty sure I'm a 5w6 and certain I'm INTP, however, I do have very well developed Fi and Fe. I'm a pretty great artist (if I do...
  14. ENFP here!

    Im Alexandra, i just joined a few days ago and i think i'm getting the hang of the whole thing :) this is the first forum ive joined and actually participated in so that's new. I thought maybe I should put myself out there, Hopefully ill be seeing you guys around more! :dog:
  15. Watch out for the noob :) yes. ME

    Well hello there everyone! :perc2: I am Lil or Lily either is fine. Female From Chicago, IL. Although not born here I consider it my home. Born in Mexico but I have lived in Chicago for the last 19 years of my life :p. THE BESTT! 25 years of age.. just turned actually. Quarter century old...
  16. Hello! INTJ / 5w6 / LII / Choatic Good here for the first time :)

    Hi everyone! I am new to this site and was hoping for a platform where I can express myself and ask about issues without having to encounter the people “out there” (thank you internets!), because a lot of the things I’d like to “get out” or enquire about seems like it will either: A. cost a...
  17. IMBT tests are so confusing.. Need help.

    Hi, I am so glad I found this forum! :) Should I introduce myself here? Sorry if I posted wrong! Anyways, back to the title Soo.. I have believed I was an INFP for a very long time, but this is because of my very first IMBT-test. When I get questions like "Do you find it easy to introduce...
  18. New kid on the block

    Hello there. I'm not even sure why I'm making this intro as I have no idea what to write. (This always happens to me) Ummmhumhmhm I'm Stephanie, 20 years old from Australia, and an INTP. I'm quite sure of that as I've probably done the MBTI test about 10 times over the course of 3 years to...
  19. Lotsof guy friends no boyfriend...what the hell?!

    Sex and Relationships
    Wel, thel tittle is very clear. I'm very outgoing and have a lot of friends in both sexes. No problem with making friends. I've never understood exactly what I'm doing wrong or simply not doing. I've neve been asked for my number, never on a date (with none of the 16 types). There is no pic but...
  20. [Enneagram Type 3] New to the gang- Greetings and Salutations

    Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
    Hello! I'm new to these forums and thought I'd introduce myself. There seems to be a relatively small group of 3's on here, no? I have recently come to the very strong conclusion that I am a 3w2 (ENFJ) through and through, despite much time deluding myself into somehow believing I was not, haha...