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  1. Socionics Forum
    I found a 15-minute test via It doesn't seem like anyone had shared this before, so here it is: The Splendid Socionics Test Personally I like how the test was composed. Each question has four possible options instead of only two opposite adjectives. Besides, the...
  2. Myers Briggs Forum
    Hey guys! I've always found the similarity with MBTI types and certain philosophies or philosophers to be one of the most fun parts of al this! Like like INFJ Plato is or how ISTP Diogenes was. Or even my controversial view that Nietzsche was not INTJ and actually INFP, his inner feeling really...
  3. Blog
    For seven years I identified as--and was basically satisfied with-- INTJ, which is what Humanmetrics gave me as my personality type when I took the long test. This past year, however, I've gotten INTP almost as often: On 16Personalities; on Hello Quizzy; and on various other online tests. I...
  4. Intro
    Hey everyone I'm a complete newbie here ^_^ I recently discovered that there are 16 personality types, and I took several online tests to find out mine. Once, I got ENFP but 3 other times I got INFP. I have researched both of those types briefly but if anyone could tell me anything at all about...
  5. Myers Briggs Forum
    As the title says, are online tests like HumanMetrics at all reliable in determining one's MBTI type?
  6. Blog
    Just gave my granny the MBTI test. Not the one on this site. It's an 80 question "Sometimes, Always, Never" type test. She turned out to be equally divided between E and I. The rest of her MBTI is SFP. :D So she's E/ISFP. I thought the description was pretty accurate. Tomorrow I'll have...
1-8 of 8 Results