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  1. Advice Center
    Hi everybody! I'm writing a story about kids growing up in a small town in coastal Oregon during the 1980s. Unfortunately, I have never been a kid growing up in a small town in coastal Oregon during the 1980s, and would love to talk to someone who has. If this applies to you, or you know of...
  2. Intro
    This is just the best site ever. I don't quite know where to start... I guess I will try to just jump in? That's hard to do when every thread I see in the INFJ forum is interesting, and every comment already written holds some part of what I would like to say... But at least I have finally found...
  3. Intro
    Hello! I'm new to PC2.0 and just wanted to say hey and introduce myself! I'm Sarah, I'm a Psychology Student at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. I'm an INFJ & a type 5! I'm here to find fellow INFJ5ers like myself, so I can learn more about what makes me tick & to learn anything...
  4. Intro
    I'm recently retired and new to blogging in general. I'm an INTJ through and through and this seems to be a good place to get to know others of the same ilk. Should be an interesting experience! So...greetings from Central Oregon!
1-4 of 4 Results