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  1. Video Games
    Sans has a British accent and Papyrus is the director. [Notice: I've never played through that run and could never bring myself to do it.] But here's the video.
  2. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    The exemplar of an ENFP villain and / or villainess is none other than Kefka Palazzo from "Final Fantasy VI": Kefka is (arguably) the embodiment of the maniacal and / or psychotic ENFPs who within one to two minutes after playtime experience a chronic and debilitating boredom which then...
  3. Myers Briggs Forum
    The REAL Personality Types Made Relevant I found this unusual, quirky, sarcastic, personality (MBTI) typing site. Enjoy.
  4. Blog
    The wonderful thing about humans, is that humans are wonderful things! Their tops are made out of brains and their bottoms are made out of brings. They’re quirky, jerky, perky, murky fun-fun-fun-fun-fun. And the most wonderful thing about humans is that I’m not the only one! I’m nooooooot the...
  5. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hi everyone So I'm writing a parody for Hamlet for english class. I'm in a group for this project, but my teacher put me with students who are absurdly lazy and are not so great writers. I already have the whole outline for the parody written and I wrote a third of the actual script for it...
  6. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hi INFJs! :) I'm writing a parody of Hamlet for my grade 12 english class. Anyways, in one of the scenes which will be acted out, I need a teenager to ask an old lady to prom in a very creative way So basically... What is a good/creative/humorous/creative/imaginative way to give a promposal to...
  7. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hi everyone! :) I'm in grade 12 and I am in a group in english class with 3 other guys. We have to write a parody for the book Hamlet. My group wants to make the parody a WESTERN :( And they want to have show downs and guns and all of that... To me, this is the cheesiest, most child-like...
1-10 of 17 Results