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  1. [ISFJ] Choosing a Romantic Partner

    ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers
    I've looked through this site, In a book that I once read by Paul Tieger, he stated that the most likely hood for compatability is ESTP/ISFJ. I don't see many of these matches on here. Am I wrong? What do you guys think?
  2. [INFJ] INFP as single, INFJ as partner

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I've done a couple of Myers-Briggs tests and almost always come out as INFP, and it has also been the type I have associated with for the last years. However lately, due to meeting a wonderful girl, I find myself suddenly scoring INFJ on tests and identifying with the INFJ type instead. To...
  3. what is the one thing thing you could never forgive your partner for?

    Sex and Relationships
    would it be if, he she/he cheated on you? if they ever hit you? if they did something that hurt you so badly you couldnt see a way to forgive them??
  4. [ENTP] ATTN Female ENTP: How important is it that your male life partner is the bread winner

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    On a scale of 1 to 10, How important is it that your male life partner is the bread winner? Please thoroughly explain your answer
  5. [ENTJ] ENTJ Partner (Wolf Lady) to a male INTP (Vulture)

    ENTJ Forum - The Executives
    ENTJ female Partner to a male INTP Any thoughts please? Female is likely to be the one with the money. Juts an idea I was debating, but not rushing in. Still have not got over the last disaster which was caused by the interference by third parties and an ESTJ. I rarely meet female ENTJs...
  6. [ISFP] Based on YOUR own experience, which is the Best Partner for ISFP?

    ISFP Forum - The Artists
    Hi, Vote for the best partner for ISFP, based on YOUR own experience !!! Best partner means - How Attracted the partners are to each other - How Fulfilling the relationship is Do share with us why you chose that vote. Let's see who comes up tops!! Thank you for your participation ! :)
  7. [ISTP] What's your ideal partner like?

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    As per the title, what's your ideal partner like?
  8. [ENTP] ENTP and ENTP as partner

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Have you ever wondered. About ENTP and ENTP being partners. Let us look at the possibilities. I love other types too, but still i m exploring this option. Q: I would enjoy, the company of the partner a lot, because, after,all she can understand, all my humor. And i could understand hers...
  9. PLEASE Help my partner understand INFJs!

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hubby (I suspect ISTJ) has read the 'HOW NOT TO WIN OVER AND INFJ" and started putting it into practice. Bless him! He would like a list for the opposite. HOW TO WIN OVER AN INFJ. I thought there was a thread with that but I can't seem to find it. Can we do it as a checklist please? Thanks...
  10. What Do You Like In A Partner That You Think Is Unusual?

    Sex and Relationships
    The title basically says it all. What do you like in a partner that you think is unique, or that you think is something not other people really look for that personalizes it? Kind of like a fetish in a non-sexual way :tongue:
  11. Why and how do I end up invloved with multiple partner

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Why ? Why why why . I end up in situations with women where they want more than I'm willing to give and I have a hard time just saying "I dont want to be with YOU" in fact I cant even say it. I always have to pull the its not you its me. Which seems true because they may be just fine and I...
  12. INTP "Thinker" seeks ESFP "Performer" as business partner

    Education & Career Talk
    Hi, I'm a well-educated INTP with some stage fright. My technology entrepreneurial plans require presentations in front of venture capitalists, and I need someone who really enjoys the spotlight for a business partner. This person should have experience in sales and maybe will handle phone sales...
  13. Do you change to fit your partner . . .?

    Sex and Relationships
    Does the desire to please a partner mean that you change or shape who you are to fit or please them? :confused: Did you at any time lose yourself in the process? This question came up because there are a few types on the board who mention quite often that they love intensely, give a lot...
  14. Marriage Partner for the INTP

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    I have narrowed the possibilities down to two: ENFP & INTJ Both are flawed because of the structure (and violence) in society. I who what I want but what do I need? I don't know how about getting either of them! Or it is them Guards (SJ) again! ESTJ is a horror story and ENTJ is a...
  15. INFJs Partner

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    “INFJ's natural partner is the ENTP, or the ENFP.” If you have a love partner now, did he/she has the ENTP or ENFP personality? If it’s not, what personality does she/he has? If you don’t have any partner now, do you have any ex-partner who has ENTP or ENFP personality? Well, anyway just share...