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  1. Type 9 Forum - The Peacemaker
    My type: Relational Nine Learning about my enneagram type has allowed me to see myself and what I need to improve on in ways MBTI has not. For years, I've been an unhealthy 9 and I didn't even realize how paralyzed I was making myself and how I was the cause of many of my problems/complaints...
  2. Type 6 Forum - The Loyalist
    Type 6 has two major problems which stand in the way of overcoming fear with courage: 1. The boiling pot: - Every 6 has this, it is our mind. You can call it whatever you wish, but it all comes down to having chaos in our heads, thoughts come and go, wanted unwanted. Our mids are a mess of...
  3. Cognitive Functions
    Hi All, I wanted your opinion on which CF you feel is the 'chattiest' in your head? By 'Chatty,' I mean mental noise(thoughts, ideas, feeling, repeated song lyrics- anything really) that is loud, nagging, or distracting. Obviously whichever function this is for you is also helpful in...
1-3 of 3 Results