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  1. Don't be an NPC

    NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers
  2. Language as a play on the different energetic frequencies or personalities

    General Psychology
    Languages carry vibrations from people's emotional states or feelings. If the people are feeling haughty, the language will change with it, like how the British accent diverged from the American accent. When people live apart for a very long time, or when they are isolated, they tend to form...
  3. [INFP] INFPs & Attachment

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hey! So I've been wondering how attached other INFPs get to things, people, places etc? In my case, I don't really think there is anything I feel really attached to. Some examples. I've been living in one place for quite a long time and it is, of course, my home. But at the same time I'm...
  4. [INFP] What are the most meaningful compliments people have given you?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    and why were they meaningful? Also: Is it more meaningful to you when people compliment who you are vs. what you do? Is there a difference in value when they pay the compliment directly to you, or when they tell someone else and it gets back to you? ----- OR do you flat out hate compliments...
  5. What People Want: be loved, a supportive partner, energetic, meaning, wellness

    General Psychology
    Erin Pavlina has thousands of clients around the world, and she can summarize what they all want with the following: Be loved for who we are, not what we can be Have a loving companion to share life with, and who can support us Want fulfilling and meaningful careers; feel like we matter and can...
  6. [INFJ] How to socialize

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hey! I was always this kid nobody would really talk to, because I was always kinda weird I guess. And if we’re the chameleons, I wonder why that might be, because in all other aspects I identify with an infj personality (now). So, the one thing I wanted from you: how can I find people to talk...
  7. Responding to suicide (how??)

    General Psychology
    Obviously a sensitive topic, don't read on if you don't like it. Unfortunately people in our society can have terrible lives and mental states (and more) that can lead them to take their own lives. I'm young, so to more socially experienced people out there: How are you supposed to react as...
  8. [INTP] Friendship Preferences for Older Individuals (Particularly Educators)?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    I apologise if this has been discussed before any time in the recent past. This question has just occurred to me while reading posts in other unrelated threads. I am someone who, since maybe middle school, seems to have a general preference for older people as conversation partners, especially...
  9. [INTP] Danger! Discussion about social stuff

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Hey, it's not a secret all this stuff of the social anxiety or whatever, I would like to get new friends or girls freely, without feeling that I'm convincing the Jupiter leader not to destroy the earth with a giant plasma gun, I am getting out of my house to seek gorgeous girls, and talk to them...
  10. From Your Understanding, Who Is Better At Reading People- Fi or Fe?

    Cognitive Functions
    A question for the ages Which cognitive function does a better job at getting a read on and understanding people? For example, being able to determine someones type with the most accuracy? Anyone can read people (no, no they can't), but which tends to do it better? Its tricky because Fe is...
  11. I'm a new INFP in the forum

    Hey! I'm an INFP female who's 18 years old. A few things I've noticed as an INFP is that everyday feels different , sometimes I have derealization, I do risky things, and my personality is reserved and avoidant, but I do a good job at saying things that people want to hear. Uh, what else, I'm...
  12. People Of Your Type Who You Wish Weren't Your Type

    Myers Briggs Forum
    The title says it all, really. This includes fictional characters and people from the "real life". I'm sure the INFJ folks have a certain gentleman they wish they could be rid of... I'll go first and admit that I'm kind of not a big fan of Harry Crane from Mad Men. He's definitely either ENTP...
  13. [INFJ] April 19th: Bicycle Day. My Experience and Lessons from LSD

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Don’t practice drugs or contemplate obtaining them. They are dangerous. It was April 19th yesterday but I didn't have time to write this. I figured I'd share an entertaining story with you guys. The part that is frustrating is that with such a substance the experience cannot be described...
  14. [INFJ] Struggling to put out vibes

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    The flaw I'm having the most trouble with is that I don't put off enough vibes or energies or information about myself. People can't really connect to me because I don't give them anything to go off. I've been trying to lately but am struggling. Subconsciously it's hard for me to open up or give...
  15. [INFJ] Conversations

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I have imaginary conversations with people to prepare for actual conversations with people.
  16. Type the Try Guys from Buzzfeed!

    General Psychology
    So I'm wondering what mbti type each of the Try Guys are. I'm not sure on Keith, Ned, or Zach, but I think Eugene is ISFP (though he could be ISTP???). What are your thoughts?
  17. [INTJ] Guides to mastering human interaction? Fellows got any?

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    After realizing I can only connect with others using a shared external activity, I've come to the conclusion I have to learn to interact with people for various purposes. Once I do make connections they're stonk as hell, but making them in the first place seem to be pure luck so far and I seem...
  18. [INFJ] Turbulent INFJ or (quiet) Borderline Personality Disorder?

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hey all, so here's the story (There's a condensed summary at the end || read the bold as well): I'm an INFJ who's come to have a lot of emotional stress centered around my relationships, particularly friendships and romantic interests. I've had a lot of high points and low points related to...
  19. How do I find other NFs irl?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hi, I'm an INFP and I'm a teenager. If there are any other young people on here that would know, that would be great. So, I'm wondering about other NFs. I want to meet other NFs because I get along best with them, and I might even want to date one at some point. (I'm not trying to make online...