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    This forum, and nearly everyone in it, is a complete fucking joke. This attitude right here is exactly what's wrong with the PerC Ennegram forum. Let me re-post that original quote for added emphasis: You're right! Well, you're right maybe 10% of the time. The other 90% you are doing...
  2. Myers Briggs Forum
    ... I was wondering. I've never really looked into this, but do introverts like youtube? I personally love YouTube itself, but I can't handle much of it. It's not like most social media, I actually have to hear people's voices. I used to watch so much of it, but nowadays I can only watch a few...
  3. Member Polls
    Just want to know how many of each personality types are on Personality Cafe. My hypothesis is that NFs will have the highest percentage, followed by NTs.
  4. Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    I can't access the personality cafe enneagram test. Is anyone else having this issue, or could anyone recommend another test that can identify tritypes? Thank you.
  5. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    You know when someone gives you a thank on PerC and you're thinking "oh yay! Someone actually loves and appreciates me" and you're so happy that you want to thank them for thanking you? I also feel that way about Facebook likes and when people actually pay attention to me irl :laughing:
  6. The Art Museum
    Hello there guy ! Another one of your same breed here! :happy: The reason why I am posting is because in my school district we have to do a mandatory project ( or else you dont graduate ) in which you are supposed to give a presentation showing something that positively affected your growth as...
  7. Sex and Relationships
    Okay. Let's huddle up and talk about feelings!!! Or, potentially lack thereof. Adolescence. A time of self-discovery and confusion. Kids, flourishing into adults, and making a lot of mistakes in the process. And I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to figure out who you are. That's...
  8. Member Polls
    So I was curious if anyone ever uses their PerC blog and decided to do a poll. This is for S types only. I will make another for N types. :happy:
  9. Blog
    I found out my dad has narcissistic personality disorder. I'm not surprised, just sort of...sad? Happy? I'm not sure. I'm glad to find out why he's such a major dick, but I'm sad that there's no doubt about him being a major dick. I would cut off all ties to him if I had to money to pay for my...
  10. Blog
    ~~~ HA I can post! Was I not allowed before because I didn't have 15+ posts? Anyway... I made a PerC account yesterday, and I must say I'm having a lot of fun with it. I spent the entire day online (much to the dismay of my dad). We're staying in Virginia for March Break, which was sort of cool...
  11. Intro
    I just wanted to stop by and say hello (again) to all of you. I've been on PerC before as @LadyoftheHouse but had to leave due to some computer issues. It's been a while and everything's fine now. I've opened this new account so that I can re-join the forum. I've missed this place and I can't...
  12. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Come on in! Don't be shy ;) This is the Flirt Zone. Innuendo, entendre, pun, it's all good! Flirt and allow yourself to be flirted with! Warning! None of the flirting that takes place in this thread should, at any time, be taken seriously. This thread is for entertainment purposes only! By...
  13. ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
  14. Blog
    I just noticed this feature yesterday and decided I would try it out for size. So, let me see.... ok. So, today I have decided that I am extremely grateful for a new friend I have met here on PerC and must thank PerC for being PerC! I find that I often feel empty inside because I have not met...
  15. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    I notice that there are some users who come here more on weekdays and some who are here more on weekends (though I've not noticed specifics). When do you PerC? Edit: This is not actually a public poll.
  16. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Yes, I know, I know, I just posted this on my blog, but I want to let you guys know. So I was thinking about my future. (Trust me, this gets more interesting as it goes on, okay?) It came to me that I don't care about my grades. This semester I got a 3.5 GPA. Sounds okay-ish, right? I knew I...
  17. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Has anyone mastered search techniques on PerC? So far I've found the stickies a bit annoying to wade through, but there are probably better methods out there.
  18. Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Lately I have been trying to get people around PerC to explore the Enneagram forums. I started a few threads (i.e. Please Help) throughout all of the different MBTI forums. Among one of the comments that were left, someone left a list of statistics that was gathered from PerC via the...
  19. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    I just googled MBTI forum and found this haha. You?
  20. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Vocaroo | Record and send voice emails *PS I have a cold again so my voice sounds really deeper. But I like it! lol @nomnomcornships My voice sounds unusually good for me being sick... again... aghh