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  1. What's my personality type?
    Hey, wassup. Im new to all of this and i took the test from a Website called I dont understand a single thing there and Reddit coudnt help me either. Thats it I guess. Id appreciate every answer :) /h/
  2. Intro
    I just spent the past I dont know how long typing an intro for myself and asking questions ..... I don't know what happened, it just kicked me off the page as I was adding tags and sent me to the home page... ugh. Anyway HELLO! Anyone have threads or other posts they recommend me to check out ...
  3. Myers Briggs Forum
    What is something you MUST have? I am very curious on what might be similar or different between the personality types. I must have my coffee with French vanilla creamer. Oh, and sex is a must!!! What is something you think you MUST have?
  4. Big Five
    Hello all, I've seen many threads that often pit the accuracy of the Big Five against the MBTI, with many believing the Big Five to be more accurate. I'm less concerned about accuracy of these tests, and more concerned with correlation between Big Five types and MBTI types. I would love to see...
1-4 of 5 Results