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  1. Intro
    I am a proud ESFP new to PerC!! I have used MBTI in all areas of my life for 10 years and I just keep wanting to know more and help people learn how useful it can be as a growth tool. I found personality typology when I was 23...It started over a back rub! Seriously I asked for a on the...
  2. Blog
    TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE AND DEPRESSION I've been suicidal since I was about nine or ten. I have told my mother about it but she's consistently brushed me and my emotions off for years. She believes any short comings I feel are because of my godlessness. I've been close to ending my life on...
  3. Type 9 Forum - The Peacemaker
    Hi Type 9's! I need some advice from ya'll, stat! :) My cousin is one of my best friends, and even though we don't live near one another, we've kept in-touch. He is a Type 9, not sure of wing type (leaning towards 8-wing). Ever since we were children, we played video games together online...
1-3 of 3 Results