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  1. Needing guidance. Much Confusion. INFx

    Hello i am new to this community and seek aid. I don't understand which if my final letter. I have much inner conflict which makes me believe i am an INFP as their dominate function is introverted feeling. I have a strong morale compass, in regards to my personal beliefs. I do not necessarily...
  2. Just discovered what kind of personality-type my mum is! It turned out I was wrong!=P

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I've thought she was an INFP, but that turned out to be wrong; she's an ESFP :crazy: (border ES, so I wasn't SO wrong after all, but anyways!:P) Me and my mum are getting along great, she's one of the greatest persons on this planet.. *love my mum* =) Does anybody else find it difficult to say...