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personality type changing
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  1. General Psychology
    Okay, so I first took one of these personality tests at, I think, 19, and my first result was INTJ, and as I was kind of more sociable around 20 it ended up as ENTJ, because I honestly found myself having different reactions to the questions. Now, I cut contact with a large number of people at...
  2. What's my personality type?
    Hi! So I actually made this post somewhere else on my phone but was unable to figure out how to tag it on there. (Still new at this) I thought I could just edit it in later when I was at my computer but it doesn't seem to give me that option. I was still curious about more opinions so I decided...
  3. Intro
    hi, i'm new here. i took the meyers briggs test about 2 years ago; it said i was an infp which i felt very strongly about was me. now i been taking mini quizzes here and there and seems like i now i'm always getting pinned as an infj or and enfj. here's a picture from my most recent personality...
1-4 of 4 Results