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  1. Nonexistent Personality Type: Ni, Si, Ti, Fe?

    Cognitive Functions
    What does it mean if I'm these functions? Is this why I feel like I'm not any of the mbti types bc apparently I don't fit into any unless I compromise? Is it impossible for those functions to coexist?
  2. Hi, would you like to help me find my type?

    What's my personality type?
    So, hi! Every time I take a MBTI test, I get a different result, so when I bumped into this forum I figured I wanted to give this a try. 1. Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life...
  3. A Clockwork Orange MBTI

    Guess the type
    Specifically Alex DeLarge. My guess would be ENTP.
  4. [INFP] A Teenage INFP : The Sibling of An ESTP

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hello, Its Daey! I'm coming back with another thread. This thread for today is about what its like to be the sibling of an ESTP. Its quite an interesting experience. its actually not horrible, I feel as though we have a good rapport. It has its times of difficulty; However Its barely noticeable...
  5. [INFP] Am I the only INFP who isn't too fond of INFJ's

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Of course, I do like a few INFJ's. I don't hate them at all; but SOME INFJ's are too quick to well, Judge. Am I misreading them or Is this just me? I see a few of them just butting into situations that have nothing to do with them. I know INFP & INFJ temperaments are supposedly similar; but I...
  6. [INTP] A Teenage INFP : The Child of An ESTP

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Hello, Its Daey again! I'm coming back with another thread & this thread is about parents, Yes you! My parents are extroverted, not only that; but my siblings are extroverted. I'm really the only introvert in my intermediate family. It can be pretty annoying when they are always on the fucking...
  7. [INTJ] Post here for {Need identification of type from hearsay, grammar, style, inflection}?

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    Identification of personality type to resolve internal conflict and provide tentative organization from the internal chaos: I'm in engineering and I have started cultivating an ability to determine the suitability and/or limits of people for their roles in organizations. Formally, systems like...
  8. Garrett Borns: Personality Type?

    What's my personality type?
    The person I am trying to get an analysis on their personality is non other than, Garrett Borns. He has been described as a Disney Character in previous interviews, so call him ''childlike'' while others opinions of him has defined him as being egotistical child. He's new in the music industry...
  9. Hi everyone. INFP here :)

    Hi Everyone, I am new here and according to multiple personality tests I am an INFP. The only thing that has ever confused me was my career counselor in college told me that I was in-between two personalities because the software they use ranks the different types with percentages... 20%...
  10. [INTP] Type characters based on appearance

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    I've seen a few threads where PerC users type the user above them as a guess based on their avatar. With that idea in mind, I tweaked the rules slightly and came up with another one. I'm not sure if we've had a thread like this before on our forum, but either way it couldn't hurt. The idea is...
  11. Which Personality Type Would You Most Like To Meet In Real Life?

    Member Polls
    Intp infp esfp esfj entj entp istj isfj estp isfp enfp enfj istp infj intj estj
  12. Are NT's more interested in finding out their personality types?

    NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects
    Would you say NT's are more likely to want to find out their type? Like any kind, MBTI, socionics and enneagram. I ask because to me it seems like we would be more interested in it since we're all analytical and such. Of course anyone on this forum is obviously interested, else they wouldn't be...
  13. Ever 17 Personality Types

    Guess the type
    This is a personality typing of the characters in the visual novel, Ever 17. It is based on the voice actors, or what their personalities are, because people cannot change their personalities, even while acting. Please share your thoughts or opinions, about the visual novel, or the typing. Thank...
  14. Learning a Second Language Improves Pattern Recognition

    General Psychology
    There are scientific reports stating how language learning in children stimulate brain development, and improve pattern recognition. This might explain how I can recognize personality types in individuals, which has improved over time. Observing personalities has also helped my cognitive...
  15. Story About the Phoenix, and Personality Types or Finding Love

    Cognitive Functions
    Hi guys, I just want to share a story with you. In the beginning, the Source called love wants to find a concept called Free-Will. Thus arose the Phoenix, the power of love, friendship, and eternity. This burning heart (or fire) shed tears, because it has been separated from Source, or Love...
  16. Is it just the steriotypes that don't fit?

    What's my personality type?
    Hiyas, So I bet you've heard this a million times over, 'I am confused as to what my MBTI type is'. Some of the INFP stuff is very similar to me, but then the who butterflies and rainbows crap... not so much. I've done a lot of research on it all over the last week or two, but am still utterly...
  17. Shameless US MBTI

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Heya, I've been looking all over the internet for shameless personality types to no avail. We tried ourselves for Ian and Mickey and came up with Ian being ISFJ and Mickey being INTP. Any thoughts?
  18. 16 personality types, help!! I'm new ^_^

    Hey everyone I'm a complete newbie here ^_^ I recently discovered that there are 16 personality types, and I took several online tests to find out mine. Once, I got ENFP but 3 other times I got INFP. I have researched both of those types briefly but if anyone could tell me anything at all about...
  19. Songs from ENTP and ENFP, Ne-Dominant People

    Cognitive Functions
    In March 2013, I have made a thread about songs from Ni-Dominant (INTJ, INFJ) singers and musicians. There are also many singers who are ENTP or ENFP, and this will be about their songs. This thread provides a place to share songs and music from Ne-Dominant people. It also offers a source of...
  20. IxFP in need of help: Am I a Sensing or Intuitive Type?

    What's my personality type?
    Hi! I'm quite new to the world of Personality typing and I've only just mad an account here. I've always been typed as either ISFP or INFP, and I always find that I relate to both in different ways. I tend to vary between the two depending on the situation and I was wondering if I'm simply an...