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  1. [INFP] Please Help INFP's ~ The Phone: The Bane of My Existence

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Is it an INFP thing to hate the phone? Unless I am talking to an old friend I am reconnecting with/a lover/making brief plans/being informed I have legitimately inherited money, I despise talking on the phone. I have spent years trying to puzzle out why this is. One primary reason is that I...
  2. On the Phone...Men Please Explain the Significance?

    Sex and Relationships
    If during a relatively short phone conversation between two new acquaintances, a man clears his throat several times (but when asked laughs and says no, he does not have a cold or sinus issue :) does this infer any mind/body connection? Nervousness, desire or anything else, in your male...
  3. [INTP] Do you like or dislike phone calling

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    I've been talking with two other INTPs and the three of us agreed that we don't like to talk on phone(and feel rather irritated when we hear it ringing) so we started to wonder if it's sort of a type thing. btw lets not think of texting for a moment, this is all bout talking
  4. New ENFJ / My reasons for joining this site

    Hey guys. Glad to be a part of personality cafe. I joined this website because recently in my life, I've been in a bit of a rut. I have a very clear idea of what my strengths, weaknesses, and skills are, but I'm rather intense and have an emotional/cerebral hybrid view on life. My mom, dad, and...
  5. [BabyBoomers] On your own New Year's Eve/Day want a REAL chat: Skype or phone?

    Baby Boomers Forum
    I'm aware some people are on their own and this time of year can be extra lonely when most people are with family or friends... some are on their own for various reasons... With short days and long nights (except in Southern hemisphere)... it's good to be able to hear a real voice sometimes/...
  6. [INTJ] What's In Your Pockets?

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    You can tell a lot about a person by the stuff he\she carries in his\her pockets. So What do fellow INTJs carry in their pockets? Stuff in my pockets:- -Key chain(keys, and flash drive) -Phone: Sony Xperia S. -Money clip. -Phone case that also holds my cards\IDs. (similar to the one in...
  7. [ISTJ] Is it normal

    ISTJ Forum - The Duty Fulfillers
    Hey all, I had a query regarding my behavior and whether it is in consonance with an ISTJ. The problem is that I just hate attending phone calls. It might be one of my close friends, but there are times when I don't pick up the phone at all. Although I don't do the same when it comes to my...
  8. What is the personality type of Christopher Chaney? alleged celeb hacker

    Guess the type
    Christopher Chaney, the Florida man charged with hacking into the e-mail accounts of celebrities including Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis...
  9. [INTP] Do you hate talking on the phone?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    It might just be me I can never seem to talk for long on the phone and I can't get a conversation going and I start give boring answers , sometimes one word. I probably sound as if I don't want to talk to the person but really I hate talking on the phone. My mum probably thinks I'm antisocial...
  10. [INFP] what should I do?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Lately, Ive had a bad streak with friendships because of misunderstandings and such, yet I always regain or gain new friends and have unforgettable times with them. Like many of you, sometimes I over think things and do things a bit too late. Today I was confronted by a random girl, she asked...
  11. [INFP] how intensely do you HATE talking on the phone

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    it might not be an infpy thing, just wondering. i have an abnormal fear of talking on the phone, i cannot make myself pick up the phone and call somebody to save my life, especially if i need to call strangers. i guess i'm afraid mostly that the other person will not understand me or i'll say...
  12. How to trick your non-internet phone into accessing your personal e-mail.

    Science and Technology
    I recently bought a Nokia Nuron for cheap because....well it was really cheap. And I'm used to my phones having access to my e-mail. But this one did not! And boy did it peeve me. But I found a work-around! So I thought I'd share it with the internet. This trick is for you if: You have a...