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  1. Retro Edit Sunset - Alexandria

    A picture where you can observe a dazzling sunset of our beautiful solar system's sun, alongside the sparkly smooth looking warm waves, paired with the colourful shades that give off retro 80's vibes. Feel free to share, re-use, re-edit, download.
  2. Cognitive Functions
    I was browsing a photography book for a few minutes... and this is where I ended up with. :laughing: Since I don't have some of these functions (Se and Ni) and I learned almost everything I know about photography in the last 30 minutes, please feel free to correct anything I have misunderstood...
  3. Blog
    Scale 1: Intolerance of Abstraction Your score was 36. Scale 2: Preference for Photorealism Your score was 43. Scale 3: Masculinity-Femininity Your score was 57. Abstract art, second to what is called "painterly", is a preference for what I like, and used to paint. My third...
  4. Blog
    NOTE: I shared this post, including the photo, in the thread called "What Are You Thinking About?"
  5. ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Come one, come all! I did a quick search and couldn't find a similar thread for ENTPs but let me know if there is one :) I recently helped out a week long event just painting, showcasing artworks and teaching people how to draw/paint. I thought I could bring it here, bounce ideas off each...
  6. The Art Museum
    I figured in this thread we could post whatever art we're currently working on, it could be Traditional, Digital, Musical, Prose, anything! the art form doesn't matter so long as it's unfinished. We could also possibly talk about what inspired us to create the piece and why it's currently...
  7. Intro
    Although not technically new by definition as I joined three months ago, I haven't visited since that first day. Recently I've been feeling increasingly lonely and just very INFP-ish, so I figured I could come here, ya know? Anyways, I guess I'll introduce myself. I apologize in advance because...
  8. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    I suspect we have a lot of creative people in da house. Anyone want to share your art? Art can be interpreted as whatever you wish. Painting, sketching, sculpting, music, photography... Whatever floats your boat! Feel free to do multiple posts due to attachment restrictions.
  9. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Ok so the background. I surprisingly am in the Student activities committee in college (there is maybe 15 of us total). We had our 1st ever talent show and i was asked to be a the photographer. They asked me because they had seen some of my other photos of sunrises, sunsets, weather etc.. Well...
  10. Blog
    Make use of a diffuser to reduce the damaging effects of expensive images. The built-in flash on most cameras produce pictures that have a higher light dark contrast, which makes them appear harsh and unrealistic. A diffuser diffuses the light from your flash, dispersing it more equally and...
  11. Myers Briggs Forum
    Here is the photo: Ryde | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Explain it however you see fit and either write its as a [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] or in white. I will post mine twice to demonstrate. or This photograph represents the fearlessness of childhood. This child is running into the gray storm...
  12. SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators
    Hello Creators! Just wondering how many other their shoot photography. I'm curious if you extroverts enjoy shooting images that involve people, weddings vs landscape,street etc? Introverts Landscapes over portraits? And of course Nikon or Canon?
  13. SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators
    I thought I would ask the Artists (ISFP) and Performers (ESFP) if they had a preference for mac vs hp when it comes to photography and music. I want to do more with both. Adobe Photoshop and video clips. I want to use a DJ mix program for making dance music CDs. What has been your...
1-19 of 35 Results