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  1. [INFP] INFP Baby/Toddler Pics

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I apologize if there has already been a thread on this topic, but I wanted to make one specifically regarding what INFPs looked like as babies/toddlers. You can already see a pic of me in my early years (my avatar). I'd be curious to be see pics of other INFPs, and I figured this might be less...
  2. Do you look like any famous people? if so, pics pics pics :}

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    random thread, probably won't take off, but.. do you look similar to any celebrity, either in your own or others' opinion a few people have said i look quite a bit like Matt Smith, the newest Doctor Who, this one i agree with, i look rather a lot like him :proud: also, a couple of people...
  3. [ISTP] ISTP Videos and pictures (Humor more than welcome)

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    Should be clear enough... Videos and pics.
  4. Pics of My Work

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  5. Favourie Pics Of Me :)

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    summer :) meeting Morgan Freeman!:shocked: my friend :angry::angry:
  6. some pics, various kinds of

    The Art Museum
    give it to me hard, cliche, crap, etc. I'm not that great but it's ok people could have cropped it better ha I think this is cute. I love this picture SO much. no one else understands why. it just evokes this weight-lifted-off-my-shoulders feeling, I love it headshot I took that got...
  7. Posting Pics of Yourself Online? (article)

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    I thought this was an interesting article. If you guys wanted, I was thinking we could post photos here and see if we can the difference!!! From yahoo news; Posting Pics Online? What Your Photos Say About You Jeanna Bryner Senior Writer
  8. Type Me By These Pics (just for fun)

    Guess the type
    If you had to guess, what type would you say I am based off of these pics of me as a kid? I'm thinking that there's a big fat chance that there's nothing in these pics that's indicative of my type but I'm curious to see what you guys come up with. Who knows, maybe you'll guess my exact type...