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  1. Skyrim NPC's MBTI

    Guess the type
    So I'm addicted to Elder Scrolls games and am still in love with Skyrim. Although you don't get a TON of information about some of the NPCs character traits in the game, I think it'd still be fun to contemplate. Here are some NPCs to start off with - Marcurio Teldryn Sero Jenassa Delphine Aela...
  2. Favorite Gaming Brand (Consoles Only)

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    Title says it all. Personally, I'm torn between Nintendo and PlayStation. I like old Nintendo games more then old PlayStation games, but nowadays, I like more games that are on PlayStation than new Nintendo games. Plus, if I wanted to be a YouTuber, PlayStation would have my preference there...
  3. Favorite Gaming Brand

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    Title says it all.
  4. Here Comes E3: 2010

    Science and Technology
    This one is for the Gamers and Technology freaks in the crowd! Including me! E3 Expo begins in only four days. There'll be some interesting events at the coming up event -- Sony will have to explain recent hacking events, and Microsoft will be explaining on what the future of the Xbox 360 will...
  5. MBTI Type in Clan Tags

    Myers Briggs Forum
    How about we get a bit o' extra curricular activity around here and spread the love of the MBTI around in the neat little media known as video games? For months now I've had my clan tag in the Uncharted 2 multiplayer component as [INTJ]. I haven't encountered a single person who mentioned the...