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  1. Different Political Views in a Relationship causing issues

    Sex and Relationships
    I have a completely different political view (or ideology) than my partner. I didn't mind much at the beginning. Some of my close family members and friends have very different views too. We still get a long. We can accept/tolerate/understand each others views (or ignore them in the worst case)...
  2. [ISTJ] I am not quite sure

    ISTJ Forum - The Duty Fulfillers
    Perhaps, I am a Deist. After all, Christianity-- Roman Catholic Christianity in particular-- is more than a bit anti-Jewish for my taste. Moreover, despite what the Televangelist preachers lie, America was NOT founded as a Christian Nation. For, America was never meant to be either Christian...
  3. [Generation Z] Comparing Life in 2018 to life 20 years ago (1998)

    Generation Z Forum
    Yes, even though I was born in 2004 and have my own nostalgia. I decided to see what life is like now vs 20 years ago, here are some stuff I know so far 20 years ago 1998 Windows 98 Less PC Half-Life, Spyro, etc PS1 Colorful Clothing No electric instruments or auto-tune (though invented in...
  4. Emmanuel Macron: ENTJ or ENFJ

    Cognitive Functions
    Hello! The president of France is a likable and strong-willed man. I snooped around the internet and found that many think he is an ENTJ. However, I'm really getting a very well-developed ENFJ-vibes. The way he told that young boy off for adressing him improperly is very ENFJ who wants to make...
  5. Parodies: US National Anthem Communist Parody!

    Don't read on if you're going to be offended. For those who would like to see this, read and just try to sing it to the melody. Also, this is not serious, i just love fun parodies and political memes. Version 2:
  6. Political left/right vs type

    Member Polls
    Trying to find correlations. If you don't know your type just choose whatever feels right or is the closest. I can't put images or links yet, so please search up political left vs right yourself if you don't know. Sorry!
  7. [INTP] 2nd Order Types for finer discrimination

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    I want to propose an addition to the traditional four letter MBTI type. While this has been good for what it has been used, we need a more precise tool if we want to use the type as a research tool in other disciplines. Allow me to produce some background as to how I discovered the need for...
  8. New Information on Types and Politics

    Myers Briggs Forum
    I believe that the following introduces new information about MBTI types and political beliefs. It may be that these things are already known and have been discussed before, in which case I only claim independent discovery. Actually all I can claim is the insight to arrange the data in a type...
  9. Trump Brings Prestige to the Mail Order Bride Industry.

    Sex and Relationships
    For years, International Marriage Services had to live with the stigma of being referred to as Mail Order Bride services. However, many consider the term "mail-order bride" derogatory and feel it demeans foreign women by comparing them to commodities for sale and falsely implying that (unlike...
  10. Political Views by Genetics: Natl. Socialists, Natl. Capitalists, Communists

    General Psychology
    Besides MBTI, many factors help define a personality, like somatotypes and representational systems, also love languages, learning styles (multiple intelligences), and just as important, political views. For simplicity, people will be labeled as National Socialists, National Capitalists, and...
  11. [INTJ] Deepest Thought/Idea

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    What is the deepest thought or idea you've ever had about anything (philosophy, art, culture, psychology, politics, science, etc)? Something that maybe not many people have thought about or something that takes some time to really think about. I sometimes think about how interesting it is that...
  12. Honour

    Great is the virtue of honour. It excels in its beauty, has clarity of purpose, the simplest vision and is able to hold many spellbound. For some it is a code of conduct, for others it is a promise kept and many see it as the difference between right and wrong. It is like a white horse statue...
  13. Hope

    Your destiny is immutable. You and I see the moon and beyond, the glistening stars that say, the universe is yours, the challenge for tomorrow, is the destiny within, that is awaiting, a clarity that bespeaks a yearning for a greater future, a shining light for all to see. That shining light is...
  14. Is it just me, or is society a pointless hellhole run by sjs?

    NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects
    Maybe that's just where I live. I love informal debating, and anytime I raise a point, my conversation partner's rebuttal is 'because those are the rules.' Is it inaccurate to expect more of them? I think not, but maybe this is just the folly of humankind. Everyone is domineering...
  15. [Generation Z] Generation Z: Really conservative or Right-wing media brainwashing?

    Generation Z Forum
    Hi fellow Zers! Something strange has been bugging me recently--is it true that our generation is really more conservative or is this just a way to get more of the youth to be on the conservative side? Just curious because of the recent election. Paul Watson created a video titled...
  16. Why is gender segregation legal but racial segregation is illegal?

    General Psychology
    Gender segregation is commonplace in a lot of parts of society -- girl/boy scouts, college dorms, sororities/fraternities, private schools, shared hospital rooms, etc.* So why is this accepted but racial segregation is seen as evil? I can understand why sex segregation would exist between...
  17. [Generation Z] Political Leanings?

    Generation Z Forum
    I've heard that we as a generation are more conservative than any generation since World War II, which I definitely see signs of. You've got kids shouting "Build the Wall!" in middle school cafeterias, and some schools even had to cancel mock elections because Trump was doing too well. Recently...
  18. What's Dave Rubin's MBTI type?

    Dave Rubin is a former comedian and now full time political commentator and political interviewer, he hosts his show 'The Rubin Report' where, despite him being a self described liberal, he interviews several conservative figures and unaccepted political commentators in liberalism. His show...
  19. Donald Trump - Am I Missing Something, Here?

    (If you're a *TRIGGERED* Liberal, please don't read this unless you're ready to get mad. Also, exclude any typos.. It's early and I'm tired.) For the past several months, I've been hearing and seeing a lot of Liberals outraged about what Donald Trump had stated concerning *illegal* immigrants...