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    What is your preference Beer, Wine, Liquor, Cocktail or Mocktail? And What is your MBTI?
  2. Myers Briggs Forum
    Vote Your MBTI here Let’s see what types are mostly on PerC in 2018. EDIT: Thanks to those who contribute! It’ll be really interesting to get a database of this stuff (just for fun)
  3. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    This test distinguishes how people tend to respond to expectations: Outer expectations (a deadline, a “request” from a sweetheart) Inner expectations (write a novel in your free time, keep a New Year’s resolution). Overview of the Four Tendencies: Upholders respond readily to outer and inner...
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    Here's a poll on the subject of polls. I read the bar length and tend to always forget about the numbers of the right.
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    How many smokers do we have here ? :ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2::ghost2:
  6. INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    I'm looking into starting a blog for INTPs and I'm curious about what topics other INTPs are interested in. If you put other in the poll, please post what it is. Thanks everyone!
  7. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hey guys! A couple of days ago someone asked me the following... If you had a child and they could only possess one of these qualities, which would you choose: Kindness or Intellect? So now i'm asking you guys this question! Mainly because i'm curious to find out what most people would...
  8. What's my Enneagram type?
    The title says it all: "What's My Enneagram Type? (Poll)". I'm not going to write anything here;; if you know me (or have been following my Enneagram typing saga), I'd love if you give it your best go. :smile-new:
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    Would you rather always have people around you or always alone? Comment why.:spam: When it says alone it means no human contact alone not even virtual. When I mean by always with people you will always have a group of people around you no matter where you go.
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    Users have disagreed on this subject throughout history, and some of them even periodically have disagreements with themselves about it. I decided to let the public decide on the subject that my gender is. I made the poll anonymous, so those of you who happen to know my gender but still want...
  11. ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    The orange Juice dilema... dun DUN DUUUUNN:whoa: id like to take a poll! Pulpy Orange Juice :hearteyes::redface-new: or No-Pulp orange Juice?:blue: tell me why. is it the texture? a slight difference in taste?? id like to know!
  12. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Please do not use this thread to argue about religion! This thread's main purpose is to sate my curiosity, basically. On some websites, I've read that INFPs are often religious or would enjoy religious careers. However, I've also read some things that say that INFPs aren't that religious...
  13. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I have a little theory that there are two flavors of each personality type, based on the cognitive opposites of the dominant and auxiliary functions. I've heard before that people often test highly in their second "shadow function", but it occurred to me that the first shadow function would...
  14. Myers Briggs Forum
    Out of these different approaches to MBTI typology, which one do you think is the most beneficial and why? Letter dichotomies (I vs. E, N vs. S, etc.) Cognitive functions Dichotomies and functions in tandem Neither Other I personally hated MBTI and thought it was horribly over-simplified (a...
  15. Myers Briggs Forum
    What is your Myers Briggs type and zodiac sign combo? Here is a poll collecting data. It has nearly 2,000 participants so far. Let's try to reach 10,000 :) POLL: WHAT IS YOUR MYERS BRIGGS + ZODIAC SIGN COMBO? |
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    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Enneagram of Personality are two of the most popular personality tests out there (especially on this website), with both claiming to offer unique insights into the human psyche. Nevertheless, both have been widely criticized for their non-scientific...
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    I think E-TP can make a great one. Because ENTPs have Ne dom which can find many possible ways to trick and ESTPs have Se dom that can see the chances to take action. Their Ti-Fe can create strategy and observe victims. Which type do you have in mind ? Share the ideas !
  18. Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hi everyone. I've seen several arguments recently about typing people by their appearances, or going off of a single picture to make a judgment about someone's type in the Enneagram and/or Myers Briggs. Do you think people's appearances provide adequate information for typing them? If so, why...
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    Just want to know how many of each personality types are on Personality Cafe. My hypothesis is that NFs will have the highest percentage, followed by NTs.
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    While I think personal choice has more to do with a preferred type of pet than MBTI; Its still interesting to see if one type likes one animal more than the other. Please forgive me if there's already a poll like this. I don't think I've seen any though... Anyway, without further ado... Pick...