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    Written by @hmwith Although there are likely ENFPs of every Enneagram type, it is most common for one to be either a type 7 or a type 4. While these can seem very similar, they are very distinct variations of the ENFP personality. Primarily, the 4 is a heart type, while the 7 is a head...
  2. ENFP Articles
    Written by @hmwith In the hierarchy of cognitive functions, the highest two best shape an individual. The dominant function strongly governs one's personality, and the auxiliary function helps assist and balance the first. Specifically, for an ENFP, the dominant function is extroverted...
  3. ENFP Articles
    @hmwith I am closing down the ENFP Blog, so here is the article you wrote. I hope everyone enjoys it! Logical feelers No, "logical feelers" is not an oxymoron. Logic, rationality, and skepticism are extremely fundamental aspects of who I am as a person, which goes with my ENFP drive to...
1-3 of 3 Results