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  1. Why do people lose interest? (pls help)

    Sex and Relationships
    You may think that's a dumb question, but like... I don't know shit... I have been in 3 relationships. All of them started with the other person giving everything to be with me, caring deeply and being interested in what I do/say. Every time (despite in the first relationship) I showed my...
  2. [INTP] My story. Need Help! Calling all the INTP fellas

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    3:20 in the morning, Thursday/9th/November/2018 Hello, all the INTP's out there and others too. I am new here and this my first thread on this website. I am from India, I am just like normal INTPS out there. I am a computer science final year Student. I get Average grades in exams with normal...
  3. [ESFJ] The INFJ turmoil... :( Any help here ?

    ESFJ Forum - The Caregivers
    Hi there ESFJ's :) , Im Athens here and would like to ask a simple question. How do you deal with an unhealthy ESFJ ? Background : this ESFJ is my mum , she is relatively unhealthy , always picks on me , in bad temper / bad mood, over judgemental ,assuming things about me all the...
  4. [INFJ] What is your biggest problem in life at the moment?

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Mine is my partially treated clinical depression. Not so bad considering I use to be psychotic and have loads of anxiety as well. I shouldn't complain at this point.