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  1. Prom?

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    Being slightly resentful of the human race; it makes this decision sort of hard. Should I go to prom? I haven't been asked to it, formally by a dude or anything. My friends asked me. The people at this dance are not my favorites; aside from my friends. I'm really sick of feeling left out. But If...
  2. [INFP] Any INFP's going to prom? HELP.

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    HELP!!! Ok so I'm one of those INFPs that finds parties/dances/raging discos physically draining. :frustrating: I'm really worried that during the middle of prom I'll hit that wall, and won't be able to take all of the noise/dancing/people. I'm so scared that if I get all introverted, I'll...
  3. Hello Kitty Giraffe

    That girl from art would have totally went with me... Future advice to any shy kid to scared to ask a girl to prom or just out in general: If she tells you to do it and you really want to, don't be retarded and just do it! I waited too long and now some other kid asked her and now all other date...
  4. Little artist babies.

    There's a girl in my school who always jokes about us being married someday and having kids. It's obviously a joke. Well I thought it was. I have no clue how it started. Just one day in art class she asked if we could get married and have "little artist babies." Besides that one little joke...