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  1. INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    What Happens When An INTJ Stops Caring? What do you do? me: 1. As simple as turning off a light switch and leaving the room. The part of an INTJ that matters is simply gone. 2. When an INTJ stops caring, then an INTJ stops trusting. Or Vs Vs. Then. . . #1. 3. When an INTJ stops caring...
  2. Blog
    A brazen alarm tears through the silk screen of my slumber Seemingly mere moments since I peeked and saw dawn Now a sinister sun has unseated the moon from its throne Cracks its whip and the plastic army men align Hey you, take the bus and go meet with some faceless talking head Extoll your...
  3. Health and Fitness
    People often stretch to prevent muscle sores and injuries, though a better way is to pump up your adrenaline. This can be done with jumping, or punching a body-bag. The Africans jump up and down, while chanting, for an adrenaline rush before hunting. This calms the muslces better than any...
  4. Blog
    I want a tank of air to breathe So the blood can pump to and from the heart on my sleeve I'm so suffocated and scared They're yelling at me daily, and I'm hearing impaired I need a place of refuge, a sanctuary of bliss Protected from the deluge of their maddening hiss They're banging doors and...
  5. Blog
    How did I get to these twenty-three years When suddenly now I have all these fears? How was I not so insecure before? How did I freely unlock my door? Was something protecting me peeled away? Exposing me to how I feel today? Did thieves break and enter and shut off the power? Why do I die with...
  6. Type 8 Forum - The Challenger
    What drives you to protect? Do you feel that other people need your protection, or that it is something you must do? Is this something that happens on an instinctual level, or a moral level? Am I annoying you with all my questions?
1-6 of 6 Results