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  1. Fictional psychopaths with MBTI-typing

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hello and good day :-) I am utterly interested in psychology and fascinated by psychotic disorders/personality disorders etc. I watch a lot of different TV-shows and like to check up their MBTI/enneagram-type. It is always funny to see if I can compare my personality type against a character I...
  2. Revenge on the Roommate

    Advice Center
    This seemed as good of a spot as any to place this topic. I'm seeking advice on how to passive-aggressively get revenge on my roommate. Over the past three weeks, I've noticed small quantities of my stuff disappearing. Some of it he isn't even subtle about taking, leaving a ramen container, a...
  3. Who is your favorite sociopath?

    General Psychology
    Fictional or real-life (preferably fictional) Yes, it is ironic to have a "favorite" sociopath, but there is definitely something intriguing about them. They are superstars in pop-culture, famous villains, leaders, and notorious killers (but not necessarily). Mine are the Joker from The Dark...
  4. [INTP] Psychopaths

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    After having a discussion on the Worthwhile Television Series thread about the series Dexter, and how I don't understand people's interest in it, I stumbled upon these videos by an INTP talking about psychopaths. I'm going to post this, even though I think this subject probably gets far too much...
  5. Ladies! How do you weed out the "bad eggs"? And how many roommates is too many??

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Ladies! How do you weed out the "bad eggs"? And how many roommates is too many?? Helloooo lady friends... I am currently working on two articles for a men's magazine (targeting ages 18-45) and they require a female point of view. If you would like to contribute your input I would be much...
  6. Psyho Chicks! Questions for Men Ages 18-45

    Myers Briggs Forum
    "Psycho" Ladies! Questions for Men Ages 18-45 Hi Everyone! I'm currently writing an article for a Denver men's magazine (geared toward ages 18-45) and I'm conducting a little poll. If interested in contributing, please answer this question for me and include your first name and age. In your...
  7. Religious Parent + Secular Parent = Secular or Religious Children?

    Sex and Relationships
    When I have kids, I want them to be raised in a secular environment. By "secular", I do not mean anti-religious but, rather, nonreligious. If my children decide that they want to be religious, I will not stop them, but I will not participate. When my significant other has kids, he wants them to...
  8. ISTP: The Psycho Vigilante

    ISTP Articles
    ISTPs are quiet, unassuming people, who tend to be mechanically gifted but withdrawn and reserved. ISTPs often need a great deal of personal space and "alone time," which may give others the impression that they are aloof; in reality, this time is necessary to hide their secret identities. The...