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  1. Intro
    I'm a female INFJ quadruplet, and there is little to no research (that I have been able to find) on the effects of birth order on a children part of multiple birth and their personalities, so I wanted to have a discussion about it with others who understand and are interested in psychology and...
  2. Blog
    As soon as Dorothy gets to Oz, the first thing that happens is that she kills the Wicked Witch of the East. This is clearly a reference to her mother, who died in childbirth bearing Dorothy. For further proof of that, note that she first lands in Munchkintown...the Munchkins, with their...
  3. General Psychology
    I've thought about doing this a few times already and I'm finally going to just do it! XD So... I guess the person below me can analyze the thread (since I've made no initial analysis) and we know how it goes for the rest.
  4. General Psychology
    Why not? If you feel unconformable posting your bedroom then just psychoanalyze mine or someone else's. Like the other two threads psychoanalyze away. My room: And for those who want something easier to analyze, my room when messy: *trying to take a panoramic pic of my room didn't work out...
  5. General Psychology
    ...Do you ever find yourself doing this? Perhaps I'm a grammar Nazi, but sue me. Are there any quirks of writing that stick out to you as symbolic of something underneath? For example: Using two periods at the end of a sentence is the epitome of indecisiveness. It says, "Am I an accidental...
1-7 of 9 Results