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  1. [INTP] Orchestral/Film scores/Instrumentals/Operas...

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Since I have known myself, even before realizing that I was an INTP. I've only had the stomach for Orchestral/Film scores/Instrumentals/Operas that express the pinnacle of the art/instrument/voice and occasionally foreign songs. Mainstream bothers me, and so does most (but not all) of my...
  2. After a week of looking around, I decided it's time to join.

    Hiya! First thread here, rightfully an introduction. People call me Dagan or Dea. Either one is fine by me. (Also, sorry if I seem extraordinarily awkward. I've spent all that time trying to get my feet wet with enough courage to actually be social and say hi. :v Consider yourself warned.) So...
  3. MBTI in Undertale: How does an INFP suddenly wind up becoming someone like Chara?

    Video Games
    This idea/possibility hasn't been talked about much. Its interesting some people decide to type them as one messed up to the maximum potential but if you are one of those people who think so especially for whatever reason I would like to hear your personal responses on why, or lets say if its...
  4. Taboo

    General Psychology
    This is something that people don't want me to say, it's meant to be behind my back. Do you agree with these people that this is something I shouldn't let the world know? I don't like saying this, but having been falsely accused of being a Pedophile since 2005 and 2011 especially, and the...
  5. Happy Memory #1024 - Purple Pill

    I guess no one reads my blog here except for me. No use compiling the memories and forming a book. My time would be better spent writing more. Mixed feelings about today. Of course everyone in the country is celebrating the win. I was really happy too until I heard about an old man in my...
  6. [INFJ] Attachment, Personality Disorder, Avoidance, Problems with Intimacy, anyone relate?

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    So as of the last year or so, after quite a few years of hard work and research that i've put in, I've reached a conclusion that I am suffering from what's called C-PTSD. I certainly have a narcissist (or someone that suffers from narcissism) in my life, and that person is my father (and others...
  7. Personality traits and everyday experiences of Black British community

    General Psychology
    Hi all :) I'm a master's student from the University of Liverpool, currently conducting a research study investigating the relationship between personality traits and the everyday experiences of the Black British community. If you could spare just 15-20 minutes of your day, I'd really...
  8. Why do children like me?

    General Psychology
    I've always noticed that young children automatically gravitate towards the person in the room that is paying the least attention to them. I've never liked children much, and don't pay much attention to them, but I will always be nice if they try to talk to me. However, they ALWAYS seem to want...
  9. deleted

  10. Happy Memory #1012 – My Kid Knees

    Okay. Back to the sordid world of online dating. I reuploaded photos to okcupid. This time I'm gonna treat it like grinding in an rpg. Just ignore the messages from guys that I don’t like. Gonna be more strict. There’s too many messages from random weirdos. I even tried Craigslist of all places...
  11. Does anyone know if this type of psychology exists?

    General Psychology
    Hey all, I had this thought recently if any major psychologist has explored this pretty simple concept. I'm pretty new to psychology so enlighten me please. Has anyone categorized all of the different types of subjective, "in the moment" thought patterns. For explain; explaining something...
  12. [Generation Z] Crisis of Development in Generation Z

    Generation Z Forum
    We currently live in the most rapidly-changing and radically different age of humanity. The advent of internet technology has greatly increased our access to information and created a vast interconnectedness across the entire world. However, this technology is relatively young compared to the...
  13. Type Me Through Video! (Jungian questionnaire)

    What's my personality type?
    So I'm slowly getting back into typology, but I don't have time to do lots of research on Jungian theory. Sometimes it can take a lot of time researching multiple facets of the theory to accurately type yourself. I figured I would do this for two reasons; it would be a good reference point to...
  14. [INTJ] What if most people aren't real?

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    Based on the: 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate with Host Neil deGrasse Tyson: Is the Universe a Simulation? So hypothetically if this world were to be a VR, what if most people weren't real? This at least, how ego it sounds to you guys out there, would make a lot of sense to me on why things...
  15. Dancing with Psychos

    I know some people like me, Some people hate me. Usually for the same reasons. I can lead a nation and my closest followers would say"I dont really know you". For this reason in reality I am forever alone. The people who usually can figure me out are pure evil. So sad when the best fun is...
  16. [INFP] Philosophical Discussion

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hey y'all. I was wondering if any of you have ever had any deep philosophical thoughts that bothered you and you didn't know how to respond to them. That's been happening to me a lot lately. I'll give you and example. What is the nature of reality? Is it inherently good or bad? I know it makes...
  17. Hiiiiii friends!! (ENFP) (gay af) (supes cray)

    Hellooooooo! it's me, I was wondering if you knew that was Adele singing. I hope, that you did. Ok I'm done. Anyway hi I'm clichechoas! I'm 20, pursuing a double degree in (BS) psychology and (BA) communication. Ooooh, now it's an interview.. Hm... Okay well I like a lot of things, so...
  18. Comedians

    Guess the type
    John Mulaney and Chris Hardwick? Those are the two that I haven't really figured out. I think they're both INFP. I'd appreciate input on this. Also, feel free to add more comedians!
  19. How To Find Out Your Shadow MBTI Type

    Cognitive Functions
    Ok, so this is the only thing I am not sure when it comes to mbti. :wink: I have heard it many times: "Shadow functions". I know that it is the rest of the functions that you already have. For example, I am an ENTP :crazy: , so my functions go like this: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si. Does that mean that the...
  20. Confessions of an INTP