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  1. ISFP Forum - The Artists
    Ok so the INFPs have a thread about bad Halloween puns, so I thought that maybe we could have one too! It's really fun. Here's my two Halloween pun jokes. Q: What is the sick skeleton doing? A: He's COFFIN! Q: Why did the ghost cross the road? A: To get to "THE OTHER SIDE" I think I'm having...
  2. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Here's mine... (No, I will not accept your requests or give out my name) Social networking in a summary: Facebook: I just ate a bagel! Twitter: #bagelsareyummy Youtube: "... and this is how you make a bagel!" Tumblr: *bagel gif* *reblog* Foursquare: I am at Bagels Unlimited!!! Yelp: THESE...